On Dear Woman Who Lived Up On The Hill Near The Lighthouse

My guess is she noticed. People who are compulsive collectors tend to know every last thing. We have someone like that here in town, and my mother mistakenly thought all the goods in the yard were up for grabs, and came home one day with her "amazing" finds. I didn't have the heart to tell her that when she left town, I brought the stuff back.

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On Poor 'Scott Pilgrim': Michael Cera Scares The Olds and Irritates The Youngs

Leading man contender: Ryan Gosling? In my book he is an excellent actor and will go a distance.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt also good but teeters toward goofy.

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On Children of Therapists: An Analysis

On the other hand, did you ever notice how the fucked up the kids in college went on to become shrinks?

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On Chocolate Chip: It Blows That Black People Aren't Invisible Any More

Loved this.

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On Cee-Lo, "F**k You"

Makes me actually feel like buying a CD again. And Freddie Gibbs, too. That cat can do some beats!

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On Italian Dog Suicides

This news makes me unhappy. I barely ever leave my dog alone for an hour, let alone weeks!!

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On Penguins Chase Butterfly

that would have been much better without sound. you should tag this with a Mute Recommended.

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On Happy Chicks Voting Day!

Balk, you make my heart sing.

Too bad you aren't single.

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On Old Men Using Bikes To Snag Young Chicks

Well. I understand the whole sidewalk thing and the difficulty of bikes in cities, but to live in a place that is bike-friendly with good trails and equanimity on the roads between drivers and bikers... is pretty great.

It makes you wish all places could accommodate bikes somehow -- because in small towns and congested tourist spots (where I seem to always live), traveling by bike is the way to go. Get a little basket for the front or a crate for the back, stop at the post office, the grocery store... Biking around town can be nice.

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On Pope Bros Out

! I saw this picture last night. Thanks for all the rewarding, er, captions....

For some reason the Pope in a baseball cap made me think of the Village People.

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