On Real America: "Red Dawn" Remade: China is Coming for Our Children

I can't wait to see the new film. I only hope they can give us tips on the best kind of weaponry available for the purpose of fighting the enemy (both internal and external). Personally I prefer a .223 for the lower cost of ammo but the 308 for pure stopping power. America needs these types of films to alert the majority to the threat of the American political class (especially the left) and to the growing threat of the Chicoms, Iran, North Korea and dare I say?...Russia as well. Get militaristic America! because the elitist scum we have in charge now is taking us down the road to bankrupcy and cultural ruin. God Bless all my militia minded brethren and remember these few words...GOD,FAMILY and COUNTRY!

Posted on June 12, 2010 at 10:06 am 0