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On What Are The Best Audiobooks For A Road Trip?

I love audiobooks: it means a) I can walk and read at the same time without running into things, and b) I can read late at night without keeping anyone up by having the light on.

A couple of notables -- I'm big into whodunnits, so mine follow that:
- Agatha Christie: 'The Clocks' read by Robin Bailey -- the reader sounded almost bored, and at first I was really annoyed. Then, as I warmed, I realized that he's brilliant, and his reading is in truth fantastic. Also, anything read by David Suchet... OK, so his Poirot is right on, having played the role with great success, but his interpretation of other characters is divine.
- I'm currently really liking Ian Carmichael's readings of Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries. I'm also a sucker for clever English intellectuals sometimes, so bear that in mind.
- All but one of Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series are available at Project Gutenberg, read John Telfer, they are really good, and so is he.

I totally agree with you, Ms Bustillos -- I got into listening to audio stuff when I started baking and learning to cook. It's a good combination. However, I tend to listen to audio theatre when I do that -- they're often separated into smaller chunks -- I can get through a few over a loaf of bread.
May I suggest Decoder Ring Theatre: they do half-hour shows that, in the normal (not summer) season, are separated into 'The Adventures of the Red Panda', a 1930s super-hero with expensive gadgets, hypnotism, and a sidekick named the Flying Squirrel; and 'Black Jack Justice', a 40s hard-boiled detective and his partner, Trixie Dixon Girl Detective, who have lots of clever banter and a penchant for interesting cases.

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On Maurice Sendak, 1928 - 2012

Chore: When I read the excerpt from the Nordstrom book that you posted (as linked to above), for no apparent reason moved me to tear up. I immediately found the book and gave it as a present to my partner for his birthday. He really enjoyed it.

Sendak will be really missed.

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On Should We Be Saving the Christians' Children?

@C_Webb Thank you for summing up the problem so successfully.

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On Don't Cry for the Book Publishers

May I suggest Dodo Press.
They do small print runs of books that are otherwise no longer in print.
I think it looks like an excellent model.
The book isn't dead, just like records aren't dead... It's just that giant companies mass producing millions of them isn't a totally viable model anymore.

ps - Choire, when does your book come out, providing your publisher hasn't turned into a post-apocalyptic-cannibal-zombie-fest?

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On Why 'The Little Mermaid' Is The Greatest Movie of Our Time

@roboloki May I quote Fry from Futurama here:
"Why couldn't she be the other kind of mermaid, the one with the fish part on top and the lady part on the bottom?"

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On Welcome To May: Expect Zombies

@Dave Bry Picturing Julie Andrews singing the word 'lusty' like that makes me feel really weird. In a really bad way. Like my grandma talking about sex or something.

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On Glenn Greenwald is Also a Relationship Expert

I am glad to know that Greenwald is beautiful in his personal life, as well.

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On Expanding The 'Human Centipede' Franchise

That is fun!
Also, the image of 51 anus-to-mouth victims of an Evil Surgeon, dancing around the yard to Harry Belafonte, thoroughly dispelled the grim horror I experienced at the thought of the original Human Centipede. Thanks!

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On You May As Well Give In To 'Hobo With A Shotgun'

I gratefully missed seeing any of the shooting.
What kind of bothers me is how Jason Eisner is now being treated like a revered filmmaker, because he happened to come up with something gory and trite enough to win funding to make this from Tarantino.
(Sorry, kind of bitchy. I have a show opening tonight, and it puts me on edge...)

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On Oklahoma! at 67: It's Retirement Time

My sweetheart, who may know more about musical theatre than almost anyone in the city we live in, has chastised me more than once for dissing OKLAHOMA!, citing it's ground-breaking-ness.
Regardless, when he starts singing about ducks and geese scurryin', I have been known to start screamin' and runnin'. (Partially to try to stop the song from lodging in my brain for the next two days.)

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