On 'IT': Seriously, Guys, Get Out Of Maine Before You Die Terribly

@dracula's ghost so glad you jumped in this convo! You go deeper than most in the Stephen King zone. I started with Cujo at age 9 or 10 and my mom scratched on my bedroom door just to mess with me because she knew I was deep in it.

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On 'IT': Seriously, Guys, Get Out Of Maine Before You Die Terribly

@Julnyes When I first moved to nyc as a teenager in the early 90s, there was a clown who rode the 1/9. And he was super louche, and degenerate, and had a creepy patter he'd recite, loudly, as he touched up his makeup...it confirmed all my clown horror related to IT.

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On Eugene Polley, 1915 - 2012

Surprisingly, my hometown is spelled Downers Grove, no apostrophe. Perhaps this gift to modern convenience will outshine the only other claim to fame of the town, Emo Philips.

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On Birds, From Worst To Best

The magnificent frigate. New Guinean birds of paradise (http://youtu.be/SB8UodV_DJg). Herons! Cormorants!

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On Today Only: The Awl Is Auditioning New Commenters!

@Nrbelex Yes!

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On 10 Things I Believed When I Was A Little Kid In Order Of How Embarrassing They Still Are When I Remember Them Today

@jfruh Me too! Curly hair, big nose, dark skin....I just assumed it was the case until age 8 or 10.

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On Jane's Addiction 1987-1991, In Order

No breaking news post about Berlusconi, totemic satyr spirit animal of The Awl, resigning on Saturday? Guess I have to hold out till tomorrow...

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On A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage

@zidaane Don't get me started on the Riblet...LUV U VEGGIE SLURRY, BOILED INNA PLASTIC BAG.

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On It's Cute That New York is Slowly Catching Up with Wisconsin

@neologism SO FUNNY since Matt lives in Oregon (as does Claire Evans) and we have been canning veggies + shooting deer for DECADES before NYC decided we were cool and stole our beardy mountain man look.

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On The End Of The Rodeo For The World's Greatest Cowboy

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