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On Totally Enjoying the Way an Ad Covers HuffPo's "We Won a Pulitzer" Story

meanwhile, in lieu of winning, one newspaper put up a photogallery of their own winners, who are all dead or have since left the paper. in a way, huffpo winning is hysterically circuitous.

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On The Magazine Brand Rollout Extension Digital Platform Incubator Buzzword Lifestyle!

Next up at Columbia JSchool: How to be the next Tory Burch

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On Madonna Trapped Inside Hall of Mirror Madonnas

whats bizarre about reading the reviews is that two perfectly smart critics often have polar opposite reactions to the same song. Maura thinks BDay song is one of its redeeming moments; Perpetua hated it. Christgau really hates the ballads, everyone else seems to like 'em, if only because, at least from reading the reviews, it seems as though they think this is how a 53 year old should be behaving. I think the gap in opinions comes from the fact that everyone wants her to perform a certain way - she should stop being so safe, but then she's castigated for going way broad in Gang Bang. She should act her age! But the ballads sound too corny. Just like it seems difficult for Madonna to figure out exactly what role to play now - legend, mother figure, upstart - it seems the critics who came of age in her heyday have put impossible-to-meet demands on her music. On a sidenote: a 4.5 for MDNA while Hard Candy got a 5.3? Give me a fuckin break.

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On A Book That Seeks to Educate Women About Losers

ugh, just watched waiting to exhale. all the real straight dude talks you need are in there

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On Dustin Lance Black: Mostly Gay Sex Was Invented in, Say, the 1940s

or the gay metropolis. or this new book, eminent outlaws, thats otherwise clunky and boring but at least has a few good stories, like that time gore vidal took truman capote to the everard baths. in 1945.

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On The Dirty Talk Of The Town: Profanity At "The New Yorker"

An editor told me once not to call commenters jagweeds again

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On 'Mildred Pierce': Set Your DVRs on 'OMG What?'

you had me at guy pearce looks great naked.

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On "Unruly Man" Troubles Yale Youngsters!

no doubt thats also how this alum felt http://www.baltimoresun.com/media/photo/2011-02/59645418.jpg

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On Two McNally Jackson Booksellers Argue About Jonathan Franzen's 'Freedom'

this was like a gay whos afraid of virginia woolf? i think dustin is martha

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On "Sexual Hijinks in Sox Park Bathroom Taint Opening Day" Breaks Awl Staff

omg, am so sexually frustrated, that i kind of got a little chub reading this at work? tmi? anyway: I like that line, AS A TRAINED PHYSICIAN. lol. like, you have to have an md to know someones getting blown in a bathroom stall. and "apparently female" !! there's more reporting on ontd for bieber's sake.

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