On The Awl Is Looking For A New Office


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On Chopped Salad Toppings, In Order

Kinda interested to see what Gutty has to say about this list.

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On Canada's War On Doorknobs

For a city where people inexplicably lose their feet, this is helpful.

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On Genius Declared

How much is $625K in whatever money they use in Florida?

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On I Am An Object Of Internet Ridicule, Ask Me Anything

Just don't ever 'tweet' (ugh) about a crappy day at your job at a grilled cheese truck.

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On Watch Out For People From Jersey

Now what should I get Christie for his birthday today?

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On Is Man Too Fat For New Jersey Voters?

So he's not gay?

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On The Cuckold Surgeon's Heinous Revenge

My cartoon scholar Gene Weingarten agrees that it's the surgeon who is speaking but that, "There were no good lines for the surgeon -- the only reasonable jokes could be delivered by the golfer."
OK, I am sorta done caring about this cartoon now.

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On Cedar Walton, 1934-2013

Marian McPartland, dead at 95 the very next day--crazy.

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On I Guess The Good News Is At Least We All Have A Common Enemy Now


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