On Lady in Brooklyn Publishes Book

I already used up all my energy hating her when she wrote that piece for y'all. How will I spark a fresh round of revulsion?

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On Vatican Clarifies: Women Priests Not As Terrible As Sexual Abuse Of Children

If you read the linked article, the quoted Monsignor never actually says which one is more terrible -- that's Balk's wishful thinking. The Msgr. says that the crimes of raping children and trying to ordain a woman are not
"in the same basket", "not...on the same level", don't have the same "gravity" and shouldn't be considered "equal." In that article, at least, the Church never tips its hand as to whether a crime against "morality" [what about calling it a crime against people? children? that hurts them? not really the same as a little adultery or petty theft] or a crime against a "sacrament" is more serious. Commenter libmas above suggests that it might well be the latter...

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On Answers to This Week's 'Metropolitan Diary' Puzzle

I can't believe that I clicked through and read that. Now I'm mad at you Choire.

I cannot stop thinking about how some one could use a lipstick after it has spent some not inconsiderable time in the ratopolis of the subway tracks. This is really upsetting (not quite as upsetting as that she thought a police officer?! in our budget-strapped teacher-firing subway-line cutting city would come get her "favorite" lip gloss). Prices for Chanel lip gloss on Amazon range from $12.00 to $30.00.

Do you think it is this Jennifer Freed? http://www.trevannapost.com/. Or the one who is a pediatrician in Washington Heights? I'm betting on the former.

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On The 'New Yorker' List: 20 Under 40

How is Jonathan Safran Foer still under 40? I have been tired of him for at least a few decades.

Also, why isn't Dan Humphrey on this list?

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On Jeffrey Toobin and His Apparent Ex Both Take On The Supreme Court

Oops. You lost me -- probably because I was too lazy to read the whole piece from which you quote. The primacy of stare decisis has been, as you note, the liberal calling card for as long as the constitutionally undefendable mess (not policy! don't kill me!) that is Roe has been threatened. I don't know (cause I didn't read the whole piece -- bad me) if Toobin is a) saying that liberals will change their stare decisis tune when it comes to Citizens United, which is simply a prediction, and a fairly obvious high-probability of accuracy one at that; or b) that he thinks stare decisis has primacy because he grew up in the same era we all did, where stare decisis was what was keeping us out of back alleys [and if he has child support issues -- this might matter to him more than some]. No left leaning legal type didn't get a little verklempt when Sandra Day wrote in Casey, "Liberty finds no refuge in a jurisprudence of doubt." That was it -- starry stare decisis. Fuck, those words sent me to law school! So, maybe Toobin just doesn't shift gears that easily.

The main point in the paragraph you quote, that it's all about power is undoubtedly true and right. Whether you want the Court striking down laws has always depended on whether you like the people passing the laws or the people doing the striking more. It's not complicated. The Obama administration -- and look at the choice of Kagan -- is ALL about executive power, and the expanse thereof. And the Judges say, no we're the deciders, except when they don't bc they like the guy in power or they just like power -- as in yesterday's decision where the Obama administration (Kagan's!) request for the feds' right to indefinitely detain sex offenders had everyone except Nino and Clarence finding broad broad fed gov't power in the shady corners of the constitution.

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On Lice! In Bel Air!

I had lice a few times growing up, and it was pretty sucky (crazy itchy) and made my mother, who was the opposite of rich crazy. It may seem trivial from the vantage point of mocking the NYT, but having to boil all sheets, clothes, etc., vacuum the furniture, pick through kid hair, and send beloved stuffed animals and dolls to plastic bag purgatory is the kind of thing that can seriously freak you out when you are working full time with two little kids who (this is the way it worked in our school) are NOT allowed to return to school until they have been certified lice free. So I'm not sure lice panic is really a "rich people thing",

However, while we are talking about Nazis (and why not), in my school, we all lined up to be checked by the school nurse who would then send you to stand on the left side of the gym or the right side of the gym, in full view of your peers, depending on what she found. Not quite a Selektion, but still.

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On Watch Out For Prostitutes, Prostitute Crossing Signs

These signs are at least 2 1/2 years old. How did they become news today?

Other signs of note at the link, including one from Florence warning homeless people not to sleep inside Dumpsters.

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On Pope Pulls Awesome April 1 Joke

The horrible truth is that Josef is right as a technical legal matter, and he will never be deposed in an American legal proceeding (unless someone has pix of him in his Nazi uniform raping a kid and the Vatican de-Popes him -- but I think they would just poison him rather than do that).

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On The Planets: What You Need To Know

Thanks. That was actually genuinely very funny.

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On The End of the 00s: The Guantanamo Gift Shop, by Spencer Ackerman

Great piece. The Internet appears to have eaten my last comment, but I did want to note that the conclusion is even grimmer than you make it sound. Some of the ex-Guantanamo, now-Illinois, inmates be tried before military commissions (which have some modicum of due process), but the Administration (meet the new boss...) intends to continue holding some of them in "indefinite detention", perhaps better termed "forever detention." On U.S. soil.

The violence being done to the Constitution is breathtaking. And heartbreaking.

Long live hope and change in the Teens....

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