On Please Welcome "The Awl's Weekend Companion," for iPad and iPhone

I would pay a subscription fee to get the email newsletter every week. (I will also prolly pay for this tho.)

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On 22 Awesome Last-Minute Thanksgiving Recipes

This is great because I am about to make my pie crust and said "I need to go back and get that recipe from Choire but searching that site sucks but I'll try because it was great." And when I show up here it is waiting for me...

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On A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage

this is causing me to reconsider...

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On Rookie Rookie Rookie

I'm still immensely curious about this nugget from the Observer yesterday: "The Awl founders have also served as informal advisers."

Who/what are they referring to?


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On Paul Ryan WineGate Shows He Has a Hard Time with Basic Math

I like this story! God I haven't stopped thinking "I hope they tipped right" since this came out and thank you for highlighting this. A better close to the story would be to see the other receipts. What did the bankers tip? And more importantly, what did that horrible woman tip?

(Also, this headline is a little mis-leading. I was expecting a swipe at Paul Ryan, but this makes me like the guy!)

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On How Little Patriots Are Made

Why hasn't this column been turned into a TV show? These two should be sitting on set, running clips in the background.

Also, this makes me laugh til I cry everytime I read it.

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On The NFL in Order of a Team Name's Significance to its Home City

From a very objective perspective, it seems odd that the Pittsburgh Steelers aren't top on this list. Steel was not only the most important thing to Pittsburgh for 75 years, it was probably the most important thing at all to the US economy for 30-40 years during the boom. 3 out of 4 people in Cleveland (I was born there) probably don't even know who Paul Brown is?!? And that was probably even true 30 years ago when the Browns mattered.

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On The Way We Need Now

Nominating "(SPOILER ALERT FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NEVER SEEN A ROMANTIC COMEDY BEFORE)" the best nested parenthetical aside of this day.

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On A Guide To Internet People Named Molly

The "servicey" tag is glaring in it's absence.

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On Tao of Dow: Awesome Taiwanese Boy Out-Whitneys Whitney; Man-Sized Lizard Has Two Penises

The Market Report is my favorite Awl feature since the Shift Memo.

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