Bridget Callahan

Bridget Callahan

I like broken bottle fights, fights with your mom, fights-at-other-people's-parties, fights-composed-entirely-of-paper, fights-that-end-up-with-ripped-woolen-skirts, fights-that-just-don't-understand-you, fights-that-think-they-know-it-all, fights-with-on-hand-tied-to-the-other-persons head, gay-boys-on-coke fights, hippotamus vs. elephant fights, irish-men-arguing-with-polish-women fights, japanese school children fights, LARGE AQUATIC DINOSAUR FIGHTS, playground fights, puppies vs. rooster fights, stand up comedian fights, washed-up-new-wave-band fights, and cigarettes.

On Bear Not Stupid Enough To Fall For Honey Bun Lure

I cannot tell you how awesome it is being from Cleveland and seeing all my friends facebook and twitter posts about this, including the Bedford Bear twitter account https://twitter.com/TheBedfordBear

It's like the biggest story in Cleveland right now. It's SO weird.

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On U.N.: "There Are Some Hellholes Even We Won't Venture Into"

Hey, do we still prosecute for treason?

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On Jerry Nelson, 1934-2012



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On My Undivided Attention

My sister as been trying to convince me we're both ADHD for a couple years now. I keep meaning to go the doctor to get it diagnosed but then I convince myself I'm only doing it to see if I can get a script for adderall, and then I remember that time I took an adderall every day for a week and by the end of it I was having trouble completing sentences, let alone doing anything productive, only all my dishes were super clean. So then I convince myself I shouldn't go, because then I'll be a speedhead, and it's better to just never finish this novel ever. But really I think I'm scared they will tell me I have diabetes or something.

I never have this fear going to gyno. If only your gyno could also diagnose you for attention issues.

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On The Ugly-Beauty Of Brutalism

I love Brutalism. We go on brutalism road trips even. I love it's contrast with the natural environment, and how it looks even more permanent and mountain like because of it. I have an architect friend who even has a brutalism tumblr. http://fuckyeahbrutalism.tumblr.com/
So the point is I'm sad people don't appreciate concrete :)

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On Sun Powerless Against Crushing Reality Of Existence

I think these conclusions are a direct result of people who are happy and in sunny climes not being home to pick up the phone to take a stupid survey, whereas the unhappy people in sunny places ARE home, and inside, and blindly answering their landlines. In the north, people happy or unhappy are generally inside, so their results are more comprehensive. Love, Cleveland moving to North Carolina in 2 weeks so don't fuck up my worldview now please I already signed a lease

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On 'You’re Not The First Person To Have Felt These Things": Advice From The Authors Guild Dinner

Roald Dahl ftw always and forever, that last photo makes me so happy.

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On I Was A Child Model! A Tragedy In Nine Pictures

And by harassing I mean Murdering With Vicious Key Stabbing.In punishment for their degenerate urban renewal ways.

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On I Was A Child Model! A Tragedy In Nine Pictures

@ericdeamer It is my fondest hope that the ghost of Mr. Jingeling starts harassing drunks at the slot machines.

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