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On The Hair of War

uhhhh, end of watch was, not unexpectedly, terrible, and racist, and unbelievable. i missed the fun part.

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On Bleaching the Jury Pool

ugh, season 2 is the best. it's season 3 and season 5 that are the stinkers. CAN BROOKLYN HIPSTERS GET ANYTHING RIGHT?

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On A Postcard from San Francisco

you sound like an asshole.

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On How To Not Barf

at the risk of sounding too much like the crunchy granola dipshit i am constantly fighting back into the recesses of my personality, activated charcoal works for REAL. and grapefruit seed extract as a preemptive measure.

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On Raymond Chandler, In Order

the funny thing about raymond chandler is that his best books are actually written by ross macdonald.

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On Childbirth, "I Only Fucked You As A Joke"

meh. i guess i'm just an old curmudgeon but somehow this shit is a whole lot less fun when you know the band's parents raised them on a steady diet of kill rock stars and siltbreeze. taylor swift sounds edgier to me at this point.

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On Could A Young Bob Dylan Make It Now?

@apb those dudes are the donovans of this generation.

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On Fries, In Order

you clearly have just not had proper home fries.

also, the secret to fries is any of the following instead of ketchup (catsup?):
1. mustard
2. green tabasco
3. worcestershire

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On Is Rick Moody Too Wealthy to Criticize Taylor Swift?

this is the shit that boils my blood. "More than a million people bought her album in the first week. And every one of them was duped." funny you say that rick because, at our last family gathering, my 12 yo niece and various cousins and friends jumping up and down and shouting along to "we are never getting back together" didn't look duped to me. and what the fuck have you done to empower young women, exactly, rick?

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