On Will Mayor Ed Lee Fix San Francisco's "Cute" (Terrible) Muni System?

@Marvin B. Gavorshnik@facebook That's so completely false, it's clear you have no idea what you're talking about.

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On A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage

McDonalds makes many pork products both in the USA and elsewhere. the have been making sausage mc muffins everywhere, and even make a pork patty big mac in some countries and so on.

personally I like the vegetarian version at the store better than the mc rib, which is too messy to eat, and always makes you feel like you just ate way too much hog anus and hooves and you feel like crap the rest of the day. if they had the plain real ground pork patty burger here topped with bbq sauce I'd buy that instead of this thing.

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On I'm Not Sure I Can Trust JJ Abrams With My Heart Again

Lost was great, Fringe has been innovative and fun. Sure, Undercovers sucked but it sucked for a lot of reasons that had nothing to do with JJ and more because it's on NBC and as we all know NBC sucks and has sucked for years. I'll give it a chance, and hey, a chance to watch my hometown portrayed by Vancouver? AWESOME.

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On Maggie’s Oyster Dressing

I never understood the appeal of an oyster based stuffing in a turkey. I like oysters just fine as part of a shooter once in a while, or bbq'd, but that's it. If we're going to go crazy with stuffing do the cornbread/andouille sausage one instead.

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On This November, Vote For The Guy Who Made Your Mail Smell Like Shit

who was the consultant who produced these mail pieces? anyone know?

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On 'White Collar' Is For All Your Very Passive Viewing Needs

Um, the USA network needs to be renamed the Sherlock Holmes network, because all of their shows follow the Sherlock formula, with the twist being that the "Sherlock" has some zany schtick:
Burn Notice: Sherlock is a former spy and shoots guns
Psych" Sherlock is an annoying goofball
White Collar: Sherlock is a hipster in a hat
Covert Affairs: Well this is a stretch but "Sherlock" is a blonde chick
Monk (yeah I know I know): Sherlock has weird phobias and personality traits

and so on.

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On BREAKING! Ana Marie Cox Addresses Her Shocking Decline in Twitter Followers!

wasn't she like a big thing in what, 2003 or something?

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On Sweden's Got Problems, Too--Hateful Problems

Is this ad really that much different than anything that currently airs on TV or the radio here, either as an ad or a TV show or radio show?

It's easy to get all high and mighty at other countries. Let's take a look at our own, first, which has far worse. If anything this ad is mild compared to some of the crapola out there, from both sides, this year.

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On Starbucks Will Make America A Great Wine Country

Starbucks has been experimenting with this for years. 10+ years ago when I lived in Seattle, they had two restaurants - one in a HUD funded mall that had cocktails, and another in SW Seattle not far from the ferry dock that only had wine and beer. They also used to have a jazz themed one that actually allowed smoking and had live music. (back when indoor smoking was allowed in Seattle)!

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