On The 'Tree of Life' "No Refunds" Sign

Did anyone actually feel the dinos or Sean Penn or anything present day added anything to the movie? I mostly enjoyed the film, but Jesus, every time the screen would fade to black and show that weird orange smokey screensaver my whole body would tense up with "oh shit, more dinos".

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On Anti-Muslim Cabbie Stabber Charged with Attempted Murder

It's like "but some of my friends are black/gay/whatever" but in reverse!

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On Anti-Muslim Cabbie Stabber Charged with Attempted Murder

Wow! I'm not sure why I'm surprised by the comments on the NY Post article.

Although I do somewhat enjoy that all the people who comment on what a horrible thing this is also have to point out that they are "vehemently againt the mosque" and "Islam is a huge threat to us".

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On Real America: The CEO of Target and Institutions of the Anti-Gay Christian Right

Abe, I want to gay marry all your reportings. They are always amazing! Easily the best part of The Awl. Thank you!

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On Things to Do: Tomorrow in Los Angeles, "Jackie Brown"

I prefer his early stuff. Watch the credits!

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On "Chili’s is now offering up free Chips & Salsa when guests check in on Foursquare"

Finally! A reason to use Foursquare!

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On Prospect Of "Party Down" Movie To Buoy Slow News Days For At Least A Little While

Party Down: Knifecrime Island Vacation

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On "Party Down" Is Over

Someone suggested they do a special to wrap up like the UK office did. I think it would be great to have them cater the Apatow movie wrap party or whatever. Or if more time passes, Henry's movie (assuming he gets the role). But seriously, they could just be catering 8 year olds' birthday parties for a whole season and I'd be loving it.

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On "Party Down" Is Over

Watch it! It ended quite well actually. That would be like saying don't watch Arrested Development since it was canceled after 3 seasons.

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