On Meet The Awl

I, for one, have enjoyed your 5 year beta test, but also welcome our new Ginger Overlords. You guys are tired - Balk needs time to go whiskey shopping and Choire needs to spend with felines (RIP Cat never forget).
Just keep your promise to not turn into Gizmodo.

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On Who Wants To See A Fatberg?

So I just read through the entire "Rape Joke" comment thread, and this is actually an incredibly helpful visual aid in describing what I felt like I was doing as I was reading.

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On Which Book Published Today Should You Buy?

Congrats, Choire!
I hope this opens up your writing to a whole new audience of people who will have no idea how to pronounce your name.

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On Ask Polly: My Best Friend Likes A Guy That I Really Want To Get With

@Niko Bellic And this isn't necessarily super relevant to this issue, but I also have to wonder whether this is that guy's M.O.? Perhaps the friend also felt they "really hit it off" at one time, and then after they hooked up, he friendzoned her? Because that would at least provide a basis for her being so into him a year later.
So potentially, this girl will be out a best friend and in a similar situation as her with some shitty dude stringing her along. And for all that she maybe will have gotten laid once?

Or, you know, she and dude live happily ever after, but to your point, she still doesn't understand friendship.

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On Can You Construct A Functional Joke About A 9-Year-Old At The Oscars?

@Miranda K@twitter Took me a minute, too. Does saying "See You Next Tuesday" help?

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On "House of Cards," Episodes 9-13: The Ones Where Everything Goes Nuts

@Carrie Frye I just finished watching last night so now I am here with so many things to think and say! But I'm about 10 days late.
Anyway, Stamper is one of my favorite characters. He's like Frank's id. All of the evil with none of the grinning facade.
I do also think his henchman-ery was failing toward the end (him driving Rachel off in his own car after the meeting with Zoe? Rookie move for the guy who threw a brick through his boss's window, got shot at, and yet didn't get caught), but I think that in part, it's because he very clearly has a soft spot for Rachel. I'll be interested to see whether that unfurls as a romantic soft spot or just more of a "poor girl" one. Like would not shock me if he had a sister who turned to prostitution or something. Or, he wants to do her in a romantic and non hookery way. Either or!

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On Susan Rice, Condi Rice ... How Can Important People Have the Same Last Names?

@dado And also possibly Ann Rice. Because at least one of those other Rices might be an undead vampire.

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On Susan Rice, Condi Rice ... How Can Important People Have the Same Last Names?

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Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman: Seriously why do people have such a hard time with telling them apart?

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On Tonight's Election Coverage: Five Things To Watch

@dado It was a good final episode! I'm going to watch murder shows on Investigation Discovery until real results start coming in around 10. This will help me to remember that being murdered and having a murder show made about you is still much worse than a man I don't like being the President for the next 4 years. Perspective!

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On The United States, In Order Of Their Contribution To American Music

@whizz_dumb And Robert Johnson was from Mississippi, but wrote his most famous work about the best part of Illinois! And apparently also flourished in Illinois but never lived there (I hope he's part of why Mississippi is up so high, and I say that as an native Illinoisan that wishes we could claim him!).

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