On What A Pack Of Cigarettes Costs, State By State

Hmm. I'm going to guess you called the biggest city in each state? As far as Mississippi goes, $5.75 sounds about right for Jackson (maybe a little high), but you can certainly get way cheaper cigarettes in the Delta (and probably more expensive ones on the Gulf Coast). I think cigarette prices vary pretty wildly by county/local municipality as well as state.

Not to be a dick or anything. This was fun to read.

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On Football Is Socialism

This is tangentially related, in that it's an Alpha Receiver comment: I've always looked at Chad Johnson's (I won't call him Ochocinco) Dennis Rodman-style megalomania as somehow indicative of everything fucked up about wideout culture. If 85 had to block (or do anything useful near the line of rescrimmage) he probably wouldn't do strange and tasteless things like make lists of safeties who could cover him successfully.

On some other side of the cube of things that could be said about Chad Johnson, I guess it's good that his super-wackiness shines about as brightly as his dick-headedness (reading his twitter account straight down is great fun).

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On Yakkin' About Football With David Roth And Jeff Johnson

@Keith and @boyofdestiny, below: I once had a dream that Belichick changed the Patriots into a lacrosse team so nobody could play them anymore.

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On Poking Back, Part 2: Cheering Zuckerberg In Seattle; Like Watching 'Terminator' in a Room Full of Robots

I don't think "Social Network" was "almost" about class...Zuckerberg is very much of the "Harvard class." The dude is from a wealthy town in upstate NY and went to Phillips Exeter, right?

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On Flicked Off: "The Social Network"

"no country for young men." -NVC

+20 space bucks.

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On Yakkin' About Football With David Roth And Jeff Johnson

Man, the above comments about Ryan Fitzpatrick made me laugh harder than I have in probably three or four days.

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On 'The Social Network': The Old Constructing Heroes For The Young

"Is the premature canonization of someone whose nominal status as a prophet for the young springs almost entirely from the pens and minds of thinkers whose most immediate tie to that generation-no, to me, because this is more than abstract when you're one of those twentysomethings we hear so much about and happen to have something to say and the wherewithal to know that even if it doesn't link to Foursquare, sometimes it just doesn't matter-when their immediate tie is hereditary, is that all there is?"

Yes, that's all there is.

Did I answer that correctly? I will mail a loaf of bread to anyone who can summarize the above question for me.

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On Knifecrime Island Medics: "Please, Can We See A Non-Glassing Related Injury?"

Alasdair Forsyth is an incredible name.

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On Last Night's Pavement Central Park Thundershow: Gen X is All Wet

Yeah. Eight-ish years and 5+ (the + is for tapes/cds copied and special edition versions re-bought) album purchases later, I still don't know the majority of Pavement's song names. Reading this article made me feel like I'd missed some songs...turns out I only knew them by riffs.

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On For Man's Benefit: A Woman Explains How to Throw a Dinner Party

That depends entirely on your genetic make-up.

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