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On I Just Deposited a Check in My Bank Using My Phone???

Sadly, it doesn't work if you take a picture of one of those Yapese stone money things.

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On 2010: When the Idiocracy Singularity Occurred

If you watch it up to the last second, you'll see that it's "in memory of" some person.

That's quite a tribute.

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On The End of the 00s: Top 10 Jobs I Lost This Decade: Failing Up, Sometimes, but Mostly Sideways, by Jackson West

I will be shocked if I read any decade-in-review piece that measures up to this one. Happy holidays, Jackson! I didn't know we both got fired from PRN.

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On Primitive Social Networking Site Gives It One More Sad Go

The example profile in the video is for a young lady in Manila. Maybe Friendster is big in the Philippines like Orkut is in Brazil? Oh God is this the genesis of another Black People Twitter?

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On The California Cougar Convention and "Carefully Regulated Patriarchal Societies"

"There’s a lot of people on their way who haven’t made it yet. Lot of traffic jams, they tell me, down here in Southern California."

When I first read this line, I thought it was a filthy medical euphemism.

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On Letters to the Editors of Women's Magazines, with Edith Zimmerman

If my cooled conditioner comes into contact with the warm, humid air of the shower, will it form hail?

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On Reading Mark Greif's Recent 'N+1' Piece In Real Time

What a pleasurable dismemberment. Thank you. I would like to gay marry Tom now plz.

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On "Marriage is lye poured upon the petri dish of the new relations of erotic sociality."

This is all very nice but if I'm ever dying of something in a hospital I would really really like some assurance that they're not going to prohibit the man with whom I've spent the last few decades of my life from visiting me.

Also, the tax thing, for heaven's sake.

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On Gay T-Shirts Bring Extra Shame

I'm particularly aghast at the one on Page 2 that says "Big Load," because what is that, some kind of scat thing?

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On The Last of the Hot Summer Town Halls: How We've All Been Fooled By The Health Care Debate

Oh I was pleased to discover that this article continues after the first page -- I was reading the RSS feed and it just cuts off at "death panels." You might want to consider putting an indication in the RSS feed that the post continues at such-and-such URL.

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