On Jon Stewart, Stop Hurting America!

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On Jon Stewart, Stop Hurting America!

I keep rereading this thinking that on a site like The Awl, anyone who could actually take a comedy show to task for not being balanced and circumspect must be writing ironically. Right? Please tell me I'm right.

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On Is This a Summer Without a Song of the Summer?

what, no love for Martin Solveig's "Hello"?

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On Gays Thrown Into Hot Turmoil!

@Zachary Adam Cohen Or just rent out a booth in the Blue Store.

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On How NIMBY Chelsea Residents and Christine Quinn Treat Poor People

They love the homeless so much they want them to stay that way, you see?

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On Really Annoying Man Is Gay, I Guess

Well, this certainly explains Jamie Kirchick.

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On I Just Deposited a Check in My Bank Using My Phone???

I am become Death, destroyer of checks.

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On U.S. to Charge Assange as a "Spy" Apparently

Fascinating, I had no idea that N. Gorbunov, Secretary of the Soviet, signed off on the Espionage Act.

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On Bad Stuff Still Happening

That parrot will never hold up under cross-examination.

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On A Brief Survey of the High Line Park

Did this sample include folks in the windows of the Standard?

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