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On Ask Polly: My Mom Keeps Guilting Me About Visiting For Christmas!

@geekspice I'm so sorry.

I completely agree with this comment and Polly's advice. I had a strained relationship with my mother, whom I considered to be a frivolous person who was overly concerned with appearances and having things, especially holidays and celebrations, go exactly according to her plan. I hated the large, chaotic family Christmas get-together she insisted on having every year (featuring, among other things, a lot of unenlightened political commentary from tipsy relatives). I rarely went as an adult living in another part of the country, and when I did, I was sullen and resentful.

She was diagnosed with lung cancer a couple of years ago, not long after we had a huge, stupid fight over how I was going to celebrate my parents' then-upcoming milestone anniversary. I was able to spend a good amount of time with her before she died, including, just before she went into a hospice, Christmas. I am so grateful to have been able to have that time, and to be able to finally appreciate her and show her I loved her. Had she died suddenly, it would have been better for her (lung cancer is a bad way to go). But I'm not sure how I would have been able to live with my snotty, stubborn, ungenerous self.

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On The Great CitiBike Midtown Hollowing Out

@Bryan Keller Maybe it's just me but the BikeShare app tends to get stuck on "Updating" when I try to use it...the CitiBike app has worked better.

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On New York City Media Has Pretty Much Given Up On Events Listings

PLEASE work on fixing that for the world!

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On Ask Polly: My Best Friend Is In Love With My Sister!

@mollytheviking Thanks so much for posting this! I have spent an inordinate amount of time in my professional life looking for images to use in (print) stories, and (seconding @HereKitty) I love this comment thread.

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On Why Does Pret A Manger Think Americans Are Stupid?

US Pret also lacks good strong tea.

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On World's Meanest Thieves Strike Charity That Feeds Homeless Pets, Twice

this is horrific, I hope publicizing it brings them more donations

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On Is the World's Most Miraculous Car a Ho-Hum Hybrid Prius?

I just traded in my 10-year-old Prius for a new Prius "C" (the little one, the opposite of Ken's). It is great and gets even better mileage (in the 50s per gallon) and cost less than $20K with trade-in.

The original served us well, we only had one minor issue until recent steering problems appeared that even a couple of trips to the dealer did not fully solve. I'm a total convert even though I get Fords at a discount (owing to family connections); as a Detroit native I hate to say it but I have had much better reliability from Japanese cars.

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On David Brooks' Argument In Favor Of Partisan Obstructionism

I love this--depressingly accurate. It's easy to sniff at "partisanship" when you've never had a job that required you to actually deal with policy within a political system.

It's also depressing that David Brooks makes enough money putting out this drivel that he bought a $4 million house in DC's posh Cleveland Park earlier this year.

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On The Five Stages Of Grief Following The Publication Of One's First Book

Thank you for this, I feel less alone now, having just opened my tiiiiiiiiny royalty check a few minutes ago.

Hey, it was only about a year and a half of my life, and since it was published two years ago it's netted me almost in the low quadruple digits! Coupled with my huuuge advance, my total earnings for this project equal almost a month's salary at my previous poorly-paid staff writer job! The one I quit to Write a Book!

Not that I'm bitter or anything!

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On Is Brooklyn Better? Has Manhattan Gotten Worse? Revisiting NY Mag's "I Hate Brooklyn" Article Seven Years Later

"Architects and landscape 'artists' have been given way too much of a say over how we want our city to look, and how people actually move in and around it, and where people congregate."

What does this even mean? And what is a "landscape 'artist?'"

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