On Ask Polly: I'm Turning 30 And Anxiety Is Ruining Me

There are also wonderful sliding scale therapists. Capt. Awkward has a great guest post outlining how to find ones in your area- http://captainawkward.com/2011/09/22/how-to-locate-low-cost-mental-health-care-in-the-us-and-canada-guest-post/ I saw a training therapist at a community clinic for a few years who changed my life, and who worked to help me know that I was safe in her office and could say anything or feel anything and she wouldn't judge. Not every therapist will make you feel that way, if yours doesn't, find another, because you can't do the work if you don't feel safe to let the mess out. People with anxiety are pretty good at putting on a facade of being OK, it's such a relief to have even that an hour a week where you know you don't have to pretend. Oh, and some group therapy might help, too. I did a group program and it helped me so much to see that these amazing, smart, funny people had the same hateful negative self talk as I did. Being honest with close friends also helps, because so many people have the same problems, and knowing it's not you, that you're not alone in feeling like this, makes you feel less ashamed and broken. Because there's nothing wrong with you, you just learned the wrong ways to deal with stress and pain and discomfort, but you can learn better ways to cope.

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On Is There A Way We Could Get Rid Of Both The Rats And The Tourists?

I was recently in New York, and got some lovely photos of rats on a subway platform, I think on the LES. Atmosphere! And they were much smaller and cleaner than the ones I see on the streets in LA. Holy crap, those bastards could eat a chiuaua.

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On Obituaries: "True Blood" Season 3 Finale Killed by Alan Ball Disease

I'm also pretty discerning in my reading, and I like the Sookie Stackhouse books. They're not great, but they have moments that make me wonder how much better they could be if Harris had an editor with a higher opinion of her readership. Sookie's a much stronger woman in the books, as opposed to the Perils of Pauline, Fairy Sue idiot on TB who makes my eyes bleed. And she did a good job of entwining the fairies into the world, rather than just tossing them out of nowhere like Ball did. I'm just sick he's decided to finally go off book just when he's hitting the best book in the series. Plus I hate hate hate what he's doing with the fairies on the show. They're totally lame, and making Sookie some kind of vampire crack goes against the whole conceit that she is basically just a cocktail waitress who gets pulled into this world because she happens to be telepathic.

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On Cee-Lo, "F**k You"

This gets my vote for "Song of the Summer." I just wish I waited until this came out to delete the idiot who was jerking me around from my gchat list, as now I want to send this to him as a buh-bye. But he doesn't deserve the happiness of this song anyway.

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On 'Scott Pilgrim' Versus Itself

He's just so damn sexless, like he'd squeal if he touched a boobie. He's the weak link of the whole movie, which is troublesome as he's in every scene. I read this before seeing it, and it have the movie some depth it didn't actually have, knowing that the Seven Evil Exes were more about conquering Ramona's troubled past than the actual fights. I can't help thinking a better actor as Scott would have helped.

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