On Watch The Moon Take It In The Pole

something something he diddle diddled the wrong fiddle

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On Yoga, Like Anything, Can Be Bad or Good

i'm down for some nun yoga

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On 46 Things to Read and See for David Foster Wallace's 50th Birthday


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On The Sun Might Do Bad Things To Us

we must get it before it gets us

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On When Black Women Had To Play Maids To Win Oscars

@postvacuous a curious lack of swag mister

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On Skinny Women Impregnable

@cherrispryte newsletter??? THAT's mean and sexist

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On Millennial Internet Writer Gets Coffee

"homeless guy"...i rest my case.

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On "Real World: Startups" House Gets $4.5 Million in Funding

how about internet for pets?

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On Enjoy Your Tropical Storm... Scotland


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On Cheap Gas? It Could Happen!

At least then we could just burn it all down and call it quits

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