On Lipa Schmeltzer, The Hasidic Jew Who Makes Hilarious, Magic Music Videos

@Kira@twitter One of his magic tricks is making women disappear!

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On The 10 Best Music Videos Of 2012 That Are Not Gangnam Style

Love some on here for sure. But Romain Gavras gives me a rash --he's never anything more than deliberately provocative to me. Plus, the No Church vid is kind of a portentous ripoff of Plan B's Ill Manors, which didn't shy away of actually indicting everyone involved and wasn't art directed into amorality. Also, was Occupy really about violent resistance? You may be thinking of balaclava factions here ... not Occupiers ...

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On New York City, December 4, 2012

nobody helped him, nobody helped him up.

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On Vote Romney For A President Hillary

"For Mr. Shane, asserting 'exceptionalism' is the way American leaders gloss over the ugly realities of a country with (as he sees it) too-high rates of incarceration, military spending, obesity and child poverty."

Because no amount of child poverty is too high!!!

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On The Boring Catchphrase That's Taking Hip-Hop By Storm And Ruining Everything

I hear you Dave, but in "special" I also hear echoes of the kind of old school sexytime Barry White or Marvin Gaye "special" -- like "special lady" special. "Very special evening" special. I think co-opting that tone for some of these guys signifies a kind of hushed classiness and delicate respect the classic R&B smoothies could effortlessly bestow. Even if Khaled shouts it. The new rap bromance catchphrase, maybe ...

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On Infographic: Should You Cover a Piece of Tragic Breaking News?

@Leon Tchotchke You're overlooking the fact that most weeklies have very active blogs -- yet still only have the standard weekly resources. They must remain relevant (or feel pressured too) when something like this happens, or else readers and advertisers will lose confidence in them. There have been a few interesting solutions to this floating around (ours has been to editorialize, we're a flaming liberal rag and proud). But this is the most damn elegant solution I've seen -- kudos awl.

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On "I Hate J. Hoberman"

I loved reading Hoberman,despite several "disagrees" -- and his coverage of Cannes was always fun. I think younger critics like myself need seasoned precursors to learn from every week. (Spare me the baby boomer slash and burn talk unless you're 17: you should grow out of it after about a year of actual experience and some semblance of philosophy -- but happy hit-getting, Eileen!) Still, Hoberman knew who he was lying down with when New Times took over, so I can't really pity him too much.

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On Drunk Man Disliked Women

Besides the absolutely horrifying possibility of being trapped for days in the middle of the ocean with the magazine's staff -- and whatever "special musical guests" it might deem hip and now -- this is another reason I am delighted I have a severe allergic reaction to the phrase "Nation cruise."

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On Two Poems By Robert Hershon

These are both awesome -- and the thought of Taylor Mead and broccoli together made me shiver.

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On Brett Ratner Under The Impression That He's A Storyteller

"Ratner’s gaffe could be damaging since he is the producer of this year’s Oscar telecast."

Oh. Well then.

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