On The Most Emailed 'New York Times' Article Ever

Is this supposed to be a parody of one of the comments on the NYT? Brilliant.

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On Ibid.

Oh, the still's from The manuscript found in Saragossa.

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On Gay Vultures Separated

"Detlev" is a stereotypically gay name in Germany (since the '60s and in numerous fims) and "Guido" is the given name of their homosexual foreign minister. Somehow I'm guessing their being so named wasn't merely a coincidence.

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On The Curious Case of The McRibble (And The McRib)

Actually, a sweet vermouth BBQ sauce sounds like it might be work really well in a tomato-based sauce.

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On Halloween: It's Doomsday for New Couples

Halloween is also an excuse for people to socially transcend boundaries. The same principle incites the motivation to put on theme parties, the worst of them being the "Bad Taste Party." The idea of your being in costume or looking stupid makes it acceptable to do and say things you normally wouldn't, or at the very least, be comfortable with the people around you. Well, I do and say things all the time I normally wouldn't, it's called "times I drink five beers."

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On Halloween: It's Doomsday for New Couples

@walls: Where?

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On Rand Paul Calls Head-Stomping "A Bit of a Crowd Control Problem"

This was a clear act of self-defense. He could clearly discern that she was trying to take his freedoms away through policies that lead to big government and fiscal irresponsibility.

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On Cooking the Books: Emily Gould and Tao Lin Make Raw Salad

I made it to 1:23. Did anyone make it to 2:00?

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On Halloween Costumes: Creepy Obama Masks for Sale at Target

Who's the typeface nerd behind this one? Someone in Lanzhou is having a good chuckle right about now.

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On Claire Rayner, 1931-2010

Is Agony Aunt somehow related to Bus Uncle?

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