On 28 Years with Weird Al

@JeffBoyardee bless your little heart.

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On 28 Years with Weird Al

Team Weird Al and also Team Monkees 4-Evuh.

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On 28 Years with Weird Al

(all photos by Dad Schwartz) (Except for the one of me and Weird Al which maybe his manager took?)

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On "You Can't Go Home": Riding Shotgun With Titus Andronicus In New Jersey

I'm from Glen Rock and I haven't been back since my family moved away and this makes my heart feel all funny that you went to Rock Ridge. (Also: GOOO PATRICK!)

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On Everything Is Pop Up This And Pop Up That These Days

POP POP! (that's me being Magnitude from "Community").

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On Tracks From A K-Tel Compilation Tape I Purchased When I Was Nine Just So I Could Own The "Greatest American Hero" Theme Song, In Order Of How Frequently And Irritatingly They Pop Into My Head Unbidden Some Thirty Years Later


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On The Rich Are Different: They Eat More Money

sometimes I would rather go eat a crappy salad at a normal restaurant than go to the vegan place because even though I do not eat meat, I really, really, really enjoy alcohol. And the very hippy-dippy vegan places often do not serve booze. The best thing in the world is an inexpensive-but-healthy vegetarian place that also serves alcohol.

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