On The Job Board: Need an Employee? Need a Job? Inquire Within

Yes. You can have it. The bosses are incredibly abusive but it pays money, so you know, +/-.

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On The Job Board: Need an Employee? Need a Job? Inquire Within

The job market right is a pretty awful, demoralizing place to be mucking around in and this is a welcome injection of humanity. So thank you. I'm one year out of school, working in NYC at a marketing/promotions/ad sales position in the beauty industry. I'm incredibly grateful to be employed, but I'm also holding out hope I might be able to make the jump to an industry that's a better fit, preferably nonprofit/foundation work. I have a BA & an MA from a fancy name school, if that matters to you or your hiring person. If it doesn't, please be assured it doesn't matter to me either.

I would like to stay in NYC and I am open to getting out of marketing. Things I have work experience in, besides marketing stuff: media planning, research, archival work, copywriting & editing, tutoring your children, budgets/small org financial planning stuff, event coordinating, being crazily organized and punctual. I have been told by employers I work fast and learn quickly, so pretty much I can do 1.5 baby boomers' worth of work and you can pay me like 2/3rds as much - that's how it works in the new economy, right?

If there are things I potentially do for you and you would like my resume &c, please email boyfromtheorchards@gmail.com. In return for any help you can give I promise to hold the Job Board close to my heart and keep it all the year and return the favor of being a decent human being if I am ever in a hiring type position.

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On The Job Board: Have a Job? Want One? Inquire Within!

Probably coming far too late to be of any luck, but if it's not - I have all those things you mentioned above, and archival/document research experience in NYC to boot. mccurdy.meghan(at)gmail.com, please!

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On Hamburger Helper and the Entropic Degradation of All Things

My first summer away from home not spent coddled in a dorm with other people cooking for me, I made Hamburger Helper all the time (they had an Italian flavor that for whatever weird reason I really grooved on.) It tasted basically like a shortcut to adulthood - a reasonable version of dinner without any of the skills usually required. I bought a box the other week because it was cheap and I remembered the summer of it, and the first bite brought back a whole flood of feelings including but not limited to: limitless possibility, arrogance, fear, anxiety, and what it feels like to sort of secretly think that "Born to Run" was written just for you.

Why did General Mills take out the milk, but not the painful nostalgia?

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On Meet Our Summer Interns

at "the" fatuous Review, but also I guess at fatuous review. Basically if you do anything that's not going to the Nuthouse you're not doing the best you could be with your time!

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On Meet Our Summer Interns

JORDAN have some life advice:
if you're spending a single second at fatuous Review when you could be at the Nuthouse you are a FOOL.

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On Ask "Them": "Why Don't You Feel an Obligation to Protect the Poor"?

hey! It's weird how in one of his cazh little side trips away from answering the question he sings the praises of Friday Night Lights! Because that is a very fine show, but also one which in this season not infrequently suggests that the free market does jack shit to help society's most vulnerable, especially in places that are not necessarily so urban or upwardly mobile.

It's just WEIRD, that's all.

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On Ask 'Them': Hello, I Voted For George Bush. Twice! Let's Talk!

Do you agree with Chloe Sevigny that Big Love went off the rails this season?

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On Here Is The Cell Phone Video Of Jeff Mangum Performing In New York Last Night

I was there! I was the one weeping softly like a 12 yr old seeing a Jonas or whatever. That set really drank my milkshake; I had to go sit on a bench in the hallway afterward to recover. It was embarrassing.

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On Here Is The Cell Phone Video Of Jeff Mangum Performing In New York Last Night

To be fair - I completely agree in principle, but I was lucky enough to be in attendance last night and in person, the Mangum-to-crowd sound ratio was much more lopsided than it sounds here. The crowd singing along was more like a soft thrum - definitely didn't come even close to eclipsing him, at least where I was standing. And he encouraged it on his last two songs, too.

So I think it's more a function of the sound equalizing capabilities of the cell phone in question, rather than the intelligence of the crowd. Though I will not defend the old idiot who walked by me after the set scoffing audibly, "I'd just as soon have seen George Harrison."

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