On Happy 40th Birthday To World's Most Annoying Thing: The Mobile Phone

Around for 40 years and some people still yell into it.

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On Lonely Planet Travel Guides Dumped At "Big Loss" By BBC

I still have an old 'Let's Go' Europe edition, kept to salivate over the $4 lunch specials in restaurants that are now probably Ikea stores.

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On Great White Shark Is California's Newest Cuddly Endangered Species

Eventually humans will be reduced to eating each other. Let's hope Chris Christie is the future of the American diet.

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On Here's Your 2013 State of the Union Drinking Game (Political Ritual Edition)

Too many rules. I'll just do a bowl full and see how far that gets me. Maybe a couple of beers for the GOP response. OK, I'll need high test vodka for the tea party caucus response.

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On Merry Christmas: Pope Rallies World's Infidels Against Gays

The Papacy was just so much classier when the Borgias ran it.

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On Obama Might Allow People To Smoke Marijuana In States Where It's Now Legal

Simply being a med pot client in Washington state is the current ultimate. The state doesn't maintain a registry of eligible patients, all that is needed is a note from a doctor (which is not a prescription but an authorization to use cannabis). State law allows a defense if arrested that even if you didn't have that note you potentially could have gotten one.
The personal amount permitted is what the state decided was a 60-day supply: 24 OUNCES! As well as 5 plants. Law again allows the defense that you need a larger amount if you can prove it is medically helpful.
Some Washington communities (surprisingly Bellingham) still raid dispensaries on occasion but Seattle and many cities are more enlightened.

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On Hellbound Americans Rapidly Abandoning God

"Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich."

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On Up And Down With Andrew Sullivan

I'm surprised Sullivan isn't taking some sort of medicine. It would seem he ran out of his SSRI (been there!) and simply flipped out. I have no excuse for the people on the right, though, who are truthers/birthers/whatevers.

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On 12 Stevie Nicks Lyrics in Order of Their Profundity

Lyrics?!? You're supposed to be high when you're listening to music.

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On The End of the 00s: Horrible Decade of Constant Terror Doesn't Officially End Until the World Does, In 2012, by Ken Layne

On the good side we've probably seen the last President from Texas.

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