On Horror Chick: The Awfulness of "Splice" Cannot Be Solved by Adrien Brody and Monster Sex

FINALLY someone has explained this movie to me. I've only seen previews when my boyfriend fast forwards through them on the DVR and every time the horror buff in me screams "Stop! I want to see the preview!" Aaaand now I know why he rolls his eyes at me and keeps his finger on those two arrows pointing right.

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On 'New York Post' Used As Credential For Oil Spill Expertise

The solution to our problem is not complex at all. It consists, in fact, of two words: Kevin. Costner.


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On Gordon Brown To Resign

every single time I read the words Knifecrime Island I actually laugh out loud. frankly, it's becoming an issue.

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On Ciudad Juarez: How This War Is Not Like Colombia, Italy and Chicago

"wasn't a military problem to begin with, and it can't be solved with a military solution."

not only is that a fantastic observation, taken out of context it could be applied to so many wars (whether they be over drugs, land, power, etc) today.

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On Rivers Cuomo Messes You Up Forever

I was five when Say Anything came out and Lloyd Dobbler somehow managed to haunt both my adolescence and my adulthood (and, even my friend, who just as recently as this week sent me a text message crying "DAMN YOU JOHN CUSACK!"). Up until a bf I had a few years ago I used to hope, nay pray, that the love gods would send one of these brooders my way. And then I met him. And then I had to deal with what dating a man like that actually meant. And now I know why I'm not a wet nurse.

And tl;dr could NEVER apply to something as well-written and spot-on as Sady's post!

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On Louisiana Coast Forecast: Oily, Ruined (Like Bobby Jindal's Career)

let this be a lesson to you, state of my former residency! http://www2.timesdispatch.com/rtd/news/state_regional/state_regional_govtpolitics/article/MCDO28_20100427-222405/340537/

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