On Pies, In Order

This is a yuppy's list of pies.

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On 20 People to Follow on Twitter: Kate Riley

Oh, I get you. I was actually more surprised by Choire's framing of "funny people" as those who try too hard. Certainly, they exist, but it's one of those incredibly nebulous ways to dismiss someone--you're trying too hard! Thanks, Internet.

Is it possible to look effortless on Twitter? Me wan see example.

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On 20 People to Follow on Twitter: Kate Riley

The strange place we're in now, where comedians are criticized for trying.

Me, I enjoy Eddie Pepitone.

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On New York City and TGI Friday's Don't Support the Troops

"The reasons for doing so are usually some blend of self-serving pretension based on the chain's food selection, its perceived Midwesternness (TGI Friday's is headquartered in Texas) or one's own coastal elitism."

So, let me get this straight. If you don't like TGI Friday's because you value New York culture, which has been for a long time perhaps more resistant to incredibly bland chain restaurants like Applebee's and TGI Friday's than, say, major cities in Texas (where I grew up), you're pretentious? I mean, clearly NYC has been steamrolled by chain culture at this point--I can walk to an Applebee's here in Harlem!--but it shouldn't be considered pretentious or self-serving or (gimme a fucking break) elitist to feel sad/pissed about this. Indeed, I think it's pretentious to call it pretentious. Take that.

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On I Finally Figured Out What It Is About That Levi's Commercial

Also, Dave Bry, check out David Gordon Green's GEORGE WASHINGTON, which was itself heavily heavily influenced by Malick, as well as a wonderful film called KILLER OF SHEEP by Charles Burnett. Rusted town, check. Person in mask reciting things on stage of abandoned theater, check. Child voice-over, check. Wall-to-wall Romantic scoring, check.

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On I Am Definitely Not Running the Marathon This Weekend

How did Joel McHale get to Carnegie Hall?

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On Women Find a Way to Actually Set the Internet on Fire

1989-Present. #ihadanerection

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On 15 Bands I Will Probably Not See At CMJ This Year, Based Solely On Their Names

So, I'll see you at the Oh Snap! show?

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On 'Blue Valentine': New Trailer

This was just slapped with an NC-17, for apparently little to no reason.

Sex bad, violence good, etc.

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On Tribune CEO's Memo Says Today's 'New York Times' Story is All Lies

It's bumpy when you start out:


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