On Today Only: The Awl Is Auditioning New Commenters!

@Nrbelex I'm just posting to see what my number is.

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On Wham!'s "Last Christmas" Is the Most Horrible Holiday Song Ever Made

I hated this song so much, until I heard the Puppini Sisters version:

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On Fictional Ducks, In Order From Worst To Best

This list doesn't have Mrs. Mallard on it, and therefore doesn't count (even if Magica De Spell does crack the top ten).

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On 'Daily News' Endorses Prison Rape

I love the comments! "Norway is a joke. They will be overrun by muslims very soon---they deserve it."

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On Harry Potter and the Deathly Epilogue

I was in an extremely clap-happy showing of the movie. They clapped and cheered at everything! We were all very happy about and enjoyed the movie. But two of the three biggest laughs in the entire movie came from "Look at old Draco" and "Look at old Ron." So even if I did like the idea of the epilogue, the aging effects would have ruined it.

Also, Ginny was so great in the books, until she didn't get to do one cool thing in the entire last book. I thought the movie was going to fix this (after watching Half Blood Prince I was sure that the director was going to mix things up and let her destroy the diadem) but nope! Total waste.

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On Gabby Gals Can't Stop Yakkin' On The Old Squawk Box

This is nothing new, I guess?

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On I'm Not Sure I Can Trust JJ Abrams With My Heart Again

@Peter I think this thread has convinced me to catch up on Fringe. (I watched about half of the first season and never got hooked.)

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On I'm Not Sure I Can Trust JJ Abrams With My Heart Again

@Joshua Ungerleider Lost, Alias, Felicity... he has a track record of shows that start out amazing, then fall apart at the end.

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On The Myth Of The Constitutional "Right To Party"

The group has reasserted its core goals from twenty-five years ago, but also expanded upon them. One of the group's leaders has recently stated, "We got a party on the left a party on the right, we gonna party for the muther fucking right to fight." This will not help their cause. While many politicians on both sides of the aisle believe they have the right to fight, they are most certainly not willing to party for that right, and risk alienating their voters.

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On Tardelle, or Struffoli

Oh, this is very similar to the cookies I am going to make this weekend! My family calls them caragne, but they're usually known as cartellate. I bake them and coat them with honey, and then sprinkle a little cinnamon and the candy balls. But my great-grandmother's recipe calls for frying and using grape must, which I am going to attempt for the first time this year.


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