On Sympathy for the Comcast Rep from Hell

@Naser Hamed@facebook I think there was a successful class action lawsuit against major cellular service providers over that exact practice. The rep gets punished if you cancel, so they just lie and say you renewed. You may be entitled to big class-action lawsuit bucks! Maybe even $5 or a coupon or something!

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On Sympathy for the Comcast Rep from Hell

@massivebrains Do you know him?

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On Sympathy for the Comcast Rep from Hell

@William Marmol@facebook I think you're missing the larger point that the real villain in all the is Comcast. They created the job-performance requirements and incentives that make reps behave this way.

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On Sympathy for the Comcast Rep from Hell

"The rep had no choice but to try his hardest, to not give up, to make it so irritating and seemingly impossible to leave that Block might just give up and stay."

Actually, I think the rep's real goal was to make it so irritating and seemingly impossible that Block would just hang up the phone. Then the rep wouldn't have a cancellation on his record - he could check the "customer changed his/her mind and hung up without cancelling service" box instead.

In fact, throughout that entire call, I can almost hear the rep mentally screaming, Why won't you just hang up on me???

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On Compare and Contrast: Emily Gould's "Friendship" and Amy Sohn's "The Actress"

I heard a rumor that one of these authors may be a torrid hoyden hopped up on spite. Should I be worried about this? If I read her book, will I possibly succumb to the addictive powers of spite and become hopped up on it myself? And should I be wary of the corruptive influence of hoydens and their hoydenish ways?

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On How I Got My iPhone to Finally Let Me Swear



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On Gays Assassinate CEO

@17crash Wow, they had bumper stickers peeled off their cars, and honey dripped on their homes? That sounds pretty horrible all right.

I'm sure that intolerant straight people have never subjected any gay people to any abuse as horrible as THAT.

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On Why Won't Anybody Say That "Noah" Is Terrible?

The costumes look like the kind of stuff Allison Janney and her "sons" wore in the last season of "Lost." This makes me hate it without even having seen it. Anything that looks anything like that hateful part of that hateful season of "Lost" must be truly hateful indeed.

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On Writing In Public

@either_ada "A lot of the people involved in these conversations have carved out a small space on Twitter where they, like most of us, expect to be involved in a community of a few hundred or a few thousand at most"

This particular "community" had an audience far more than a few hundred or thousand. The original question was posed @steenfox, who has over 17,000 twitter followers. So all the responses were linked in a thread to a very popular twitter account, with a huge audience. In general, also, Twitter is a very bad place to have small, private, "safe space" conversations -- and the more people who learn that, the better.

"They didn't expect their tweets to be amplified in the way that a comment-mining juggernaut like Buzz Feed will do. Because many of their images and handles were shoddily disguised, some of their stories were outed to many of their friends, families, and acquaintances. That can cause a lot of real trouble for survivors and their families."

The Buzzfeed writer asked the permission of each tweeter before publishing their tweets. She also blurred their identities if they asked to, and left their identities un-blurred only if they explicitly said that was OK. As Maria poitns out above, the Buzzfeed writer didn't have to do this, but did so anyway as a courtesy.

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On "Showgirls" Is A Good Movie

"Showgirls has a story, character development, a basic narrative structure, high production values"

Is that supposed to be a list of things that make this movie good?

I thought those were just things that make a Hollywood movie a Hollowood movie. Good or bad, they usually have all those things. (This one was bad.)

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