On Leggings Do Very Bad Thing To The Patriarchy

are skinny girls not allowed to say that they think girls of all sizes look hot in leggings?

we're a lesbian website that forbids bodysnarking against any woman, but regardless — we fuck girls. we're not just copy-pasting some obligatory lady-mag love-your-body mantra into our otherwise (apparently) self-worshipping image-laden shrine to our slender limbs — we've been observing girls in pants all our lives as we plot angling our way into said pants. we are 'advising' the very population that we fuck. the article isn't a girls' high school locker room. It's the michigan womyn's music festival (but with more trans inclusion).

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On The United Church of Deliverance

great piece

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On Someone Got 'The Daily Show' in My Jezebel and Together They Taste A Little Weird

actually Logo does hate women/lesbians, but i suppose we could talk about that next week or whenever it is okay for everybody here

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On The New Media and the Attention Economy: "Syndication"

what happened to bloggorhea

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