On Ignorant Backwater Bans Restaurant with the Name "Fuku"

And yet, Mar a Lago continues to exist.

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On Man Storms Off Internet: Goodbye, Chris Jones!

I found his story about Robert Caro escaping the zoo in Ohio very moving, though.

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On Hurry Up And Start Hooking If You Want To Sell That Memoir

How writers got their agents + have you smoked crack = Bill Clegg Tuesday here at the Awl!

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On Future Fatigue: Gary Shteyngart's Attack on the Young

Taste this, it's awful!

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On Future Fatigue: Gary Shteyngart's Attack on the Young

Despite telling friends it "gets better" (that was wrong) I was more disappointed than anything else with SSTLS. Great idea. Alas, the "future" of the book suggested a whole lot of funny, interesting ideas to come, for the most part, refused to sketch them out further, all the way through. That's what I like about SciFi (or disaster) books, and without an interesting love story to bolster the lack of detail, I was left wanting more and (while feeling like I'd had enough of the allusions to something clever he was holding back).

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On A Few Tiny Notes on the Sarah Palin 'Vanity Fair' Profile

This finally completes Michael Joseph Gross' trilogy of articles on crazy celebrity ladies and their exorbitant wardrobe budgets, along with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

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On The Great Fingering Debate

This is what Gene Weingarten meant when he used the hed "A digital salute to online journalism," right?

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On Some Summer Interns

You know, NYU students get internships and summer jobs too, and they're a lot less pretentious about it, last time I checked.

Also: newspaper internships, yay! I guess the slots for internships learning how to operate a telegraph at Western Union were all filled?

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On Prestigious "Top 10 Strippers Under 40" List Published

Literally, she's their Mom. All of 'em.

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On Restaurant People Really Hate Food Bloggers

I'm not so sure Josh is beloved. It's more like he's a living, (heavily) breathing embodiment of "why haven't I made it yet?" Anyway, I guess Time overlooked the freebies because the wedding wasn't sponsored by Thrillist?

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