On Breakfast Hotdish, Minnesota Style

Flashback to every major church function and family get together. Except we used Bob Evan's sausage because I'm from Ohio and it's blasphemous to use anything but Bobby E's.

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On The No-Tears, No-Panic Thanksgiving Countdown Guide: Week 1

You can use real pumpkin for pie!! My boyfriend's mom uses real pumpkin and it's AMAZING.

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On Rental Brokers Are Useless

@MissMushkila I just moved here from Ohio. Not only are the rent prices terrifying here but I had no clue about brokers or fees until one of them was showing me apartments!

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On Rental Brokers Are Useless

One broker told me his fee was 15% of our annual income. Mistake? Hopefully. But I threw up a little in my mouth when he said it.

The broker I'm currently working with refuses to answer phone calls or emails. They have accepted our application for the apartment (that's supposed to be ready tomorrow!!)but won't set a date for the lease signing.

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