On Ask Polly: My Terrific Herd Of Friends Is Being Ruined By This Awful Freak

@Reburkel [waves at you from across the savannah] Hello fellow non-herd person!

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On Ellen Ripley Saved My Life

Sady, this essay just blew the top of my head off.

(Obviously that is a compliment of the highest order.)

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On What Else Is In the National Portrait Gallery's "Offensive" Gay Show?

Jessica, great article, thank you!

On a related note, did anyone else hear Bill Donohue (president of the Catholic League) on Morning Edition this am? I quote: "Why should the working class pay for the leisure of the elite when in fact one of the things the working class likes to do for leisure is to go to professional wrestling? And if I suggested we should have federal funds for professional wrestling to lower the cost of the ticket, people would think I'm insane." (There may be more to this quote; that's when I threw the radio across the room in a rage.)

Bill: ARE YOU SUGGESTING A GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER OF WWE? First they came for my health care, etc.

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On My Former Best Friend's Wedding

Absolutely lovely, Eryn. More please?

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On The Economy: Why It Sucks


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On Yeah, That Thing About How To Roll Up Your Pants?

(The "NB4R" is silent.)

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On Grown Women Unafraid To Act Like They Are Back In Fourth Grade

Oh lord, I work for a retail company and these things are my current bete noire at work - our owner wants them in the stores yesterday, but they are backordered for the next million years or so. Thanks NYTimes, you are MAKING IT WORSE.

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On BREAKING: Madonna Allows Lola To Type in Public

I'm probably going to Hell for how hard I'm laughing at this, no?

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On Cooking the Books: Julie Klausner & Emily Gould Make Kugel

Me too! Well, except for the hood - that's at the dry cleaner's today.

Julie - loved your book! More please!

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