On Birds, From Worst To Best

Also pelican before toucan are you fucking kidding me?!

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On Birds, From Worst To Best

@bronwyn Kea are soooo cool and should definitely become the mascot of all public transport bodies

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On 'Riders': Which Is Worse, Lousy In Bed Or Can't Ride?

oh my gooodddd I loved this book! I read it on a visa run to aruba while there was a hurricane nearby. Amazing. and then I wrote a slightly terrible list of things I hated about it, weird - http://herbert-font.blogspot.com/2008/01/riders-san-storms-plus-other-cliches.html

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On Crucial Reading: Cam'ron and the Brilliance of "No Homo"

Don't want the bureau of alcohol, tabacco, firearms & explosives killing my high, no Waco

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On The Slap That England Deserves

I should mention though that although I'm bemused by your conclusion, I agree completely with your reading of the book Daniel. The ending in particular = ugh

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On The Slap That England Deserves

Nigel - exactly! Or, as we Australians would perhaps say, what the fucking fuck is your problem, mate? Our misanthropy is purely our own, not england's.

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On Rivers Cuomo Messes You Up Forever

This essay is spectacular! Sex Offender Week should be every week. (oh, it already is isn't it...)

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On The Men's Room: Man v. Tool Academy

I fucking enjoyed the shit out of reading this essay!

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On The Niko Bellic Dialectic

here I was about to decry this as the usual undergrad shit-slinging of terms but then I get drunk and find this "Their entry into exploitation is voluntary in the sense that they can choose which capitalist to work for; but they must choose to work for some capitalist or starve. They cannot escape exploitation" Good times! Lets get paid

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