On Places I Parked In Los Angeles In 2013

(Also, I would say the Hollywood Home Depot rooftop parking holds one of the most overlooked great views in LA. Similar to the Arclight, closer to the Observatory and free!)

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On Places I Parked In Los Angeles In 2013

True story: My husband did propose to me on the top of the Arclight parking lot. It's a great view.

His original plan was propose at the Chinese as we sat in my favorite seats, but we went and saw THE STRANGERS that night which starts with a marriage proposal being turned down. And then he was going to do it in the Arclight, but SATC was screening on multiple screens and the bar was full of martini drinking dressed for the event and he didn't want to be mobbed. So the rooftop it was, with two kids down the way smoking up. Good times.

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On Flicked Off: "The Social Network"

Isn't this the part where we discuss that the screenplay and film were adapted from a book? From a book that was purported to be only loosely based on the facts?

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On LA Times: "Should California Resume Executions? Talk Back, LA!"

This is nothing. You really should read the comments on the LA Times Homicide Report pages.

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On Everyone Probably Owes Paris Hilton An Apology

You know, aside from that whole letting her dog die from lack of care, we totally owe her an apology.

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On 'Eat Pray Love' and 'I Am Love': Class Warfare

See also: SATC 2.

(Also, I love the Brooks Brothers ad I'm seeing in the sidebar on this post.)

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On Winona Ryder and a Bunch of Other People Who Are Turning (*Or Would Have Turned) 40 Next Year

Joel Stein is old? No wonder his column about the changing NJ landscape was racist.

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On Hamburger Helper and the Entropic Degradation of All Things

Beef Stroganoff Hamburger Helper here for the nights neither one of my parents felt like making it from scratch. I still make from time to time because it's fast and easy. (Although the box is hidden way back in the pantry guests will never see it. The horror!)

I add one diced onion, one diced pepper and sliced fresh mushrooms to "fill out" the dish, since even though the yield is supposedly 5 1 cup servings, it doesn't fill up my husband. So if take about a cup and half for myself, the calorie and the fat content doesn't seem so bad. (It's the salt in any of those packaged dishes that will kill you anyway.)

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On Is It The Duty of Every Enlightened Female To Put Out?

"Also de rigueur for girls is a lot of noise about the condition of their own libido, which evidently makes them not unladylike or blabby, but "equal.""

I don't look at it as equality, I look at it honesty which is far, far more fun in courtship than pretending I don't want to (eventually) get boned.

Also, our sex drive connected to our overall well being. If we are not honest about what's going on with our bodies and pretending that sex is not important to us do we risk overlooking issues like depression, thyroid trouble, certain cancers, infertility, high blood pressure and diabetes?

In short: Your libido is important enough to talk about. What you want do with your libido is up to you.

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On Staff Memo: Some Plans For Year Two

Happy Birthday!

I cannot wait for Awlsploid or possibly Awlsploidions in the Sky.

(Someday I'll figure out how to login with my normal login.)

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