On Things Of Note That Have Happened In Central Florida In The Last Three Weeks, According To The Orlando Sentinel Breaking News Team

All that AND they killed high speed rail. All in a week's work!

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On Wisconsin Demonstrates Against Scott Walker's War on Unions

DMcK, I wish to learn more about your views and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

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On Letting Go Of "Lost"


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On People Kind Of Obsess Over The Blue Nile

I'm not obsessive about them but I do think Soul Boy is one of the sexiest songs I've ever heard.

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On Elizabeth Edwards, Obituaried

One assumes that Hillary Clinton's already-archived obit includes that she was also cheated on by a famous politician husband in the first two paragraphs with one sentence at the end to casually note that she once ran for Senate and was a something something Cabinet member.

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On Tom Brady Talks About Uggs

Wait, I can get vodka with the heart and soul of Bruce Willis in it?

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On At Sharron Angle's Victory Party, Which Ended in Defeat

Meatloaf, is that you?

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On Robocop Kid Wins Halloween

*Starts work on an ED-209 costume...

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On Roger Waters on Tour: "The Wall," 20 Years Later

Thanks for the piece - looking forward to seeing the show on Sunday!

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