They let me write words on this website a couple times.

On Ugh, On Top Of Everything Else The Magnetic Field Is Gonna Flip Over Or Whatever?

I added an 's' to the headline subconsciously, and expected Merritt acrobatics with a ukulele, and clicked.

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On Oysters Shucked


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On Coffee Merely Good

Matt, I hope we can expect some text-joy when hovering over these links in future, but maybe not all, posts.

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On The Way Middle-Aged White Men Work Now

"...and was working on his dissertation on feminist theory and poker, which he has not finished."

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On Kendrick Lamar, "B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe"; Rahsaan Roland Kirk, "I Say A Little Prayer"

These should become fully-formed thoughts, some day.

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On Mike Bloomberg and "the chilling prospect of public disclosure"

She would do.

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On How To Barbecue A Turkey--The Super Easy Way For Morons

"Also no Indian spices."

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On Up And Down With Andrew Sullivan

"I remembered getting hooked on them on a dial-up modem in Eastern Europe when I was working for the Baltic Times in Latvia. I was hitting refresh obsessively."

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On Striking Teacher In Chicago Crosses Line


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On Paul Ryan: American Taliban

As long as we don't give any credit to that Daily Kos dude, due or otherwise.

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