On In Defense of the Season Finale of "Mad Men"

Peggy and Joan as Statler and Waldorf is my new heaven.

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On In Defense of the Season Finale of "Mad Men"

Honestly I don't see what possible objections there could be to Don's rushed engagement as somehow crazy or even unusual. I don't remember hearing outrage or accusations of inconsistency when Roger married Jane, with no warning or indication. And it's been established that Don is more extreme, intense, and impulsive than Roger in most things. So what's the deal?

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On More "Ground Zero Mosque" Inanity

J/Rammed down our throats... like so much dick. The libruls are trying to rape your children's mouths with their government dicks. Your boy children, because the libruls are gay. GAY! THEY WANT EVERYONE TO BE GAY LIKE THEM!

That's the only reasonable explanation I can think of for why they love "-ammed down our throats" imagery so much.

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On A Brief History of Kanye West's Twitter

@diplo and @party_boys look like CHUMPS now.

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On Real America: "Red Dawn" Remade: China is Coming for Our Children

These Chinese language programs, are they Mandarin? Because "Chinese" is kind of an umbrella term, from what I understand China is very linguistically diverse but Standard Mandarin is the "official" language.

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On Ask 'Them': Hello, I Voted For George Bush. Twice! Let's Talk!

She's at the Washington Independent.

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On Tina Fey Wants It

Is she really pretending not to want it though? I've never gotten that vibe from her.

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