On A Guide To Richmond, VA, By a Guy Who Lived There from '93 to '97

Or would the haunted house be on the 3000 block of Grove by any chance?

Tho' since you're a VCU student, the 1400 block would be more likely.

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On A Guide To Richmond, VA, By a Guy Who Lived There from '93 to '97

You're as Richmond as Style Weekly.

Are you typing this as you protest in front of a Martins, by walking customers' groceries to their cars?

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On Staff Lunch Talk: When A Headline Is A Handful

This post blew balls.

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On Cooking the Books: Will Leitch and Emily Gould Make Tofu Dogs

My favorite CTB ever, until 5:08, when it went completely off the rails. Got it back by 8:10, though.

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On Bloomberg's Lady Being Floated for Senate *STABS EYES*

She is fantastic!

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On Counterfeit Italian Art Scandal

They've just been walking around in orangeface?

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On Is Heath Ledger Really Dead? Or Who Is His Identical Twin?

I saw Liz Smith and Ann Richards eating fish tacos at El Rio Grande.

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On About Iris Robinson: "Being mad in Northern Ireland is different from being mad in any other place."

Why is Iris Robinson like IKEA?

One dirty screw and the whole cabinet falls apart.

-- Popbitch

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On New York, Where Matters of Scale and Cost and John Jacob Astor Become Mangled

I assume I've lived in New York too long because I saw the photo and could identify the house.

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On The End of the 00s: Buffy, Season Five, Episode 22, 'The Gift', by Dan Kois

As loathe as I am to admit it, part of the allure of "The Gift" was The WB's incessant promotion of it as "the Series Finale (on The WB.)" That's what made the ending so relevant to the history of the show.

I've introduced my fiancee to Buffy, and we're currently working our way through Season 5. It took her to Season 4 to really start enjoying the show -- I thank God for her patience -- and she's reacting to the characters as I do, and the character development in S5 is the best of the series. Riley's headed downhill, Spike's love for Buffy, the fleshing out of Tara and Anya, Giles regaining his purpose. I'm even enjoying Dawn more this time around.

My one quibble with dismissing S6&7 is that I do think the series finale, "Chosen" does stand up well to Buffy's better episodes.

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