On Blancmange: A Tale of Failure and Delight

The NYT also has a recipe from 2001 that I have used several times, unfortunately I always seem to make it when someone lactose-intolerant is coming over for dinner. Neither it nor the NYT recipe you link to include eggs, though they do use gelatin.


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On One Town, Two Newspapers: Will the Real Digital Innovators Please Stand Up?

This is nothing new. As I understand it, reporters at the Reg weren't even given internet access at their desks until after the 1990s, because management was worried they'd just use it to surf the internet. You had to go to a special internet-connected computer if you wanted to email a source or look something up online.

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On You Should Eat Shad This Week

This recipe is excellent:


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On Today is Rick Scott's First Killing!

@swampette Sometimes even 40 years is not enough, I can tell you that.

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On Today is Rick Scott's First Killing!

@LondonLee Thank you for speaking up for the victim's family.

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On Being High Makes People Nicer

Clearly, these researchers must be at the University of *North* Carolina. The folks down at the University of South Carolina are probably researching meanness, or something.

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On Knifecrime Island Fox Hunt Hoax

The media may be fixating on the foxes, and headlines like "Fox prime suspect in mystery of judge's chewed shoe" are certainly ridiculous, but it's hard to look at a story like this and say that foxes aren't just as bad as coyotes when it comes to urban environments:


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On Last Of The Bright Young Things Goes

Seriously. Isn't "things" already gender-neutral?

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On Real America: "Red Dawn" Remade: China is Coming for Our Children

I have a couple of online acquaintances who've been talking about this movie (which they're calling "Yellow Dawn", charming) for a month now.

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On 'Lulu' at The Met: A Young Woman's First Opera

So, here's my report: loved the first act, but had a very hard time staying awake after the midpoint of the second act. Part of that might have been the seats - we were at the back of the orchestra and the music was kind of muffled. It was like being in a cozy dark cave.

In general I have a hard time with modernist operas. I steered clear of "The Nose" earlier this season and only went last night because of all I'd read about how luscious the music is.

I know there's a slim chance you'll ever read this but if you've got a recommendation on a recording of Lulu, I'd love to hear it.

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