On Weekend At Kermie's: The Muppets' Strange Life After Death

Thanks for the comments about post-Jim-Henson Muppetry. It isn't the same, it never will be, and why some people want it to continue is puzzling to me. It's distressing to me to see the Muppets now, because they're so *BAD*. Your remarks about Miss Piggy are especially welcome. She doesn't even LOOK good anymore. Why can't the people who make the Piggy puppets now look at past examples, from the Muppet Caper and Muppet episodes, when she was so popular, and make her look now what she looked like back then? She was beautiful. These days she looks grossly overweight and strange. I don't get it. I don't get why THEY don't get it. It breaks my heart to see what she looks like now. It breaks my heart to see any of them now, because they not only are they not the same, they're aren't *good*.

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On Graphic Imagery: Pluto and Learning to Love Astro Boy

Here are just a few of the raves and recs I was talking about, dude:

MathewKovacik: Astro Boy was through the roof. Fantastic movie :)

KevinooPenguino: Astro boy is a good movie. I got teary eyed.

XfactorLegacy: Just got done watching Astro Boy with the wife. Actually a good movie. Check it out.

sharbeen: Was watching Astro Boy. Was in a mood for animation. It's a good one.

anne_jtd Watching Astroboy movie still makes me cry..

JAlanGrey: astroboy was awesome

There are plenty more comments like those on Twitter. Do a more thorough search next time. You might learn something.

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On Graphic Imagery: Pluto and Learning to Love Astro Boy

The Astro Boy movie was hardly "crappy". It was excellent. I've read some of the original manga plus the Pluto version, and I thought the movie-makers did a great job translating and updating Astro Boy for a 21st century audience. Do a search for Astro Boy on Twitter, and you'll see literally hundreds of recommendations and raves for the film. I wonder if you even saw it.

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