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On The Weekend Odyssey of Wisconsin's Wandering Democrats

Meh. I read a better story about bunch of fat rich white people who ruined their tires by climbing into a fleet of environmentally destructive vehicles so they could take a vacation on the taxpayer dime and...here's the most important part - the kicker as the kids say...

Compared themselves to people who had been reduced to using catapults and swords to keep from dying...

Yeah, not a very compelling story written here.

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On Enjoy Our Safe Space Today: We Remain a Sheen-Free Zone

It's not like any of you haven't gotten bored and been poor and made up your own game.

What was I supposed to do? Play Bocci Ball?

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On Two Nights in Madison's Capitol: The Great Class War Sleepover

That's up to me now isn't it?

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On Two Nights in Madison's Capitol: The Great Class War Sleepover

Yeah I could have edited it. But I like doing things my way. I appreciate that you told me that Cho, Sasha and everyone else were amused at my antics.

I explained right at the first that this was a venue to send out my messages. Not to you or Sashay or Choi or everyone else you drink with. To my people. You served my purpose. Don't read any more into that than what I just said.

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On Two Nights in Madison's Capitol: The Great Class War Sleepover

Out of my bookmarks doesn't mean I died, but it is VERY nice to know the quality of character that fights for my rights and how they view me when I simply disagree.

You won't get this, but then your type never does. My audience has and will always be larger than the resounding insults your type spouts on your little corner in a Shakespearean quote.

Pity you can't be there when compassion and logic triumphs gold, but neither will I. I am just satisfied I set in motion sentences, what did you say?, that stirred the emotions of millions of people.

Before you respond just remember the name NEDA.

I already was voted Prom King once. Learned how little recognition and fakeness mattered (ex-bf was arrested at the prom for stealing a wig to wear at the prom).

Don't really care if you do. You can mold your gold into mold. It's still just a rock.

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On Two Nights in Madison's Capitol: The Great Class War Sleepover

The more I think about it. You've stepped over the line from a funny newsy place to just another cog in the wheel. Whatever. They're all running around my favorite websites trying to be like Scientologistic robots in the way they comment.

You're out of my Bookmarks and I wouldn't refer to or recommend you ever again. Not that it matters. Something I helped create can never be destroyed even by me. Just. Disappointed.

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On How To Break Up With A Gay

Ironically enough I had to do that before I realized sneaky people can falsify their originating numbers. I chose Cockney though.

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On How To Break Up With A Gay

We can make up new levels? This is important information.
On a side note, just because I like bragging…isn't the Charlie Sheen cameo so much more fun than the Rip Torn one?

Edit: It's always more fun to make great friends just because you like them than love to the camera. Camera's always end up running out of AA battery power.

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On A Call To Arms For Awl Supporters

No one respects a website that uses lime green boxes, least of all me. And why call yourself a bird anyway? What does that have to do with the Internetz?

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On How To Break Up With A Gay

I prefer Level 3. Turn off your phone and delete your facebook for 3 months.

I once made the mistake of trying to channel Richard Dreyfus and explain how this guy, I really did love and still do in that hopeless idiot sort of way, had a combo coke/panic disorder/power need to be well-known was interfering with my single minded vision of bringing my opus to life (if you've ever dated a guy who tried to use your baby for fameball status you know what I mean) and Level 1 bit me on the ass many years later out of the blue.

Anyone asks me now, Drop em like its hot... But never ask me how to ignore their sexy smile and silver tongue. No ideas there.

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