On 'Bridesmaids': Am I Doing Being A Woman Wrong?

@caw_caw Maybe Bridesmaids is Feig and Apatow's answer to "Greenberg." Also, the moment Annie was tagged as a cupcake store owner, I was sad. Why do female protagonists have to have soft, nice jobs like baker or women's magazine columnist or pet store owner? I know, those jobs are actually difficult.

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On 'Bridesmaids': Am I Doing Being A Woman Wrong?

@bestestuary You're right, she did get smart-nerd status, but only after she was "outed" as smart in the improbable bonding-with-puppies-underfoot scene. Until she revealed herself to have the land's highest possible security clearance and, we presume, a snazzy income, I would have thought she was a nobody with a nothing job who, because she's the sister, was a mandatory bridesmaid but nobody's friend.

This is 100 percent because we were indeed invited to laugh at her clueless gaffes; in retrospect, after we know that she's a high-level spy or whatever, how can that same person be the woman who flings herself onto the bridal salon's white sofa in her shoes? In real life, people have power from a variety of sources, not just thinness and beauty, and if Megan were real, she'd a) command respect and b) make damn sure she commanded respect if she didn't. I didn't buy how her basic character definition changed entirely just because it was convenient for someone to talk to Annie about snapping out of her (not unreasonable) solipsism at that moment.

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On May 21: The Rapture Meets My 40th Birthday

I hear you, Maud. A very happy birthday to you, and may those two chapters resolve themselves speedily and confidently.

By the way, the guy who bagged my groceries today had a name tag that said "Chris T." I though that was funny/spooky.

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On 111 Male Characters Of British Literature, In Order Of Bangability

@millicent Jeeves would evaluate your sexual performance and be piercingly polite about it.

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On 111 Male Characters Of British Literature, In Order Of Bangability

I wish Downton Abbey counted as a book. Matthew Crawley...in vain I have struggled. It will not do. My [lust] will not be repressed.

Also, seconding @maddieD, Gabriel Oak from Far From the Madding Crowd. Loyal! Earthy! Poetic! Also, good with sheep.

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On Let Them Eat Baby! The Terrifying New Practice Of The Cake Gender Reveal

Lizzie, although you and I both love our pregnant-lady ladies, your saying "We just want it to be healthy!" reminded me of this recent discovery, "Pregnant Woman Are Smug" by the very funny band Garfunkel and Oates:


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On The New Decemberists Album: It Contains 100% Less Raping

I don't listen to the albums obsessively the way I did, but I'm loyal to the D's, as though they were my cousins–I see them whenever they come to town, I buy their albums with real cash money. And I like "The King Is Dead" (and Meloy's EPs, which should be considered in his body of work, even though they're covers).

It's great to see the band's lyrics examined with such care, 'cause they deserve close reading. And you're right, the "being"-ness of women receiving violence in these lyrics is repetitive and probably problematic. I think Meloy is the kind of guy who'll incorporate this critique into his next songwriting binge, and we'll see the difference by the next album.

You know how Judd Apatow is always striving to understand his own befuddlement about women's behavior and motivations? He's working on it. There's no way that a sensitive dude like Meloy isn't working on it, too, and working stuff out, and working on not being seen as or written about as this guy.

And props for "tabulae rasae"!

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On Selected Liz Phair Songs, Presented in Order of Ratio of Elation to Despair

NinetyNine, me too, from the shared intern computer that was strictly for LexisNexis. Remember how people used to sigh about what they would do with Liz if they could spend an entire day alone with her? Like, talk about music and stuff!

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