On Life After Zionist Summer Camp

"[M]y parents don't do facts on this issue. They do feelings." Sums up my experience arguing with Zionists.

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On MJ Rosenberg Must Have A Difficult Time At Passover Seder Every Year

Who benefits from the exposure of unelected, self-appointed "negotiators" conceding almost every possible Palestinian right under international law (and, also, just being horrible negotiators)? The Palestinian people benefit, I would think.

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On The Hate Retweet

Christian Lorentzen does this, but mostly to people who share his surname.

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On The West Bank In Brooklyn

There is nothing complicated about the right to return. Three-quarters of a million people were made refugees by wars and have been prevented from returning to their homes after the end of the war. Under international law, they have the right to return to their homes. Pretty straightforward.

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On Great Moments In Jewish Comedy

Israeli international terrorism is very funny.

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On Neutral News and the 'Times' in Jerusalem

I wonder how Hoyt and Keller would have reacted if their Israel-Palestine correspondent had a son or daughter who volunteered to join the militant wing of Hamas.

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On Which is not to say that they're NOT not monstrous.

Don't conflate Jews with Israel. Then the terrorists will have won.

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On Something Horrible Happened to Tom Ford!

Those ties are okay, but a complete rip-off. For ultraluxurious ties I prefer the Kiton 7-folds, or even the Bulgari 7-fold prints (the silk is amazing). Charvets have nice knits, but they snag way too easily and are quite expensive, too. For a more reasonable price point, Holliday & Brown and Draks are nice.

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On Tom Ford and Jason Reitman: Narcissism and Status Anxiety

I am so sick of Tom Ford, and the New York Times. The '90s have been long over.

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On Ten Christmas Gifts Not To Buy

Double agreed. They will put the overpriced, LVMH-owned(?) John Lobbs to shame for less than half the price. The cordovans will also age better than a calfskin shoe by _any_ maker.

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