On It's A Good Thing 'Cathy' Is Already Dead Because This News About Chocolate Would Kill Her

A sincere thank you for all of the tiny news nuggets about bears over the years.

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On Millennial Fired For Tweet

@jolie "One of my biggest sexual fantasies is to perform cunnilingus on Lot's wife." Best ever

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On A Poem By Patricia Lockwood

Thank you, this piece is incredible. Also don't mind some of the commenters, they aren't from around here and are having a hard time right now.

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

Did you guys read the AMA he did today? It's just so awesome that The Awl would give this amazing guy a platform!

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On Ken Hoinsky On Seduction, Women And Mistakes

They didn't care for the article but appreciated the comments, generally.

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On The Amazing Reformation Of Mitt And Ann Romney

The comments on this thread are such a delight. Well done, Ana.

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On The New Satanism: Ke$ha's Amazing Occult Ritual Sex-Magick Video

There's a really intelligent discussion about The Illuminati taking place in the comments.

Lantana84 argues "you can see illuminati in the triangls and the eyes, lady gaga rihanna madonna, and a lot of artist are illuminatti... they are something related to the devil or something like that."

Saladino1983 disagrees. "The only thing I see in this video is a hot bitch with some other sluts and gay guys pretending, fuck your CrapLLUMINATI-"

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On How To Make Perfect Risotto

Would you be be mad if I slapped your hand away as you were about to drizzle truffle oil? Because honestly why would you work only to ruin it?

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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

@cherrispryte aaand so did I

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On Throwing Muses, Live on Tour

Their last reunion tour (with Tanya!) was maybe the best show I've ever seen. Wish there were some west coast dates instead of lame old Ireland or whatever.

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