On It's a Boy Brawl! Mark Ames v. Malcolm Harris

It seems like Malcolm Harris' entire 'career' has been prologue to the NYTimes Mag cover article in which he's called 'enfant terrible' a minimum of four times.

I'm glad I wasn't alone in watching this unspool and feeling the douchechills ALL OVER.

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On Greetings from Scenic Somewhere

It's nice to see the Old Home Place on the Awl.

It isn't so much urban escapism, at least it ought not be, so much as it's leaving over-determined NYC. There are other cities. Hudson, NY comes to mind as a neat place to be on the Hudson.

And man, I love that river.

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On Instructions for Visiting the American Wilderness: A PowerPoint Presentation

Reminds me of the Greek 'nostos.'

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On Greatest Interview Ever: NYC's Trash Anthropologist Explains All

I really like this lady. Sometime, somewhere (NYT article?), commenting on the fact that much of NYC's garbage is shipped hundreds of miles away to be dumped, or has been, she said something to the effect of 'future civilizations will be puzzled as to how and why this was done.'

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On The Pavlovsk Experimental Station

That's it, I think.
The fine food scientists of Cornell, in concert with some CIA chefs apparently, are also responsible for breeding in 2003 the Adirondack Blue potatoe ( http://www.gourmet.com/food/2008/02/potatoes_harrison ), with which I made garlic smashed potatoes the other night.
The iphone can go to hell; the blue adirondack is some civilization I can get behind.

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On The Pavlovsk Experimental Station

dead-end* in my memory. Words fail.

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On The Pavlovsk Experimental Station

I remember seeing, in some documentary (maybe Food Inc.? maybe a similar, less popular doc.?) something about an enormous seed bank preserving, I think, varieties of apples. I believe it was at Cornell U., but I can't find any info on it.

Does anyone have any clue just what the fuck this dead in my memory banks is referring to?

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On Two Great Poems

Gitanes? Did you go to grad school in a Patricia Highsmith novel??

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On On Preparing For The End Times

I watched Ross McElwee's Sherman's March the other night. There's a scene where he follows a girlfriend to her mountain End Times retreat where a bunch of old guys are shooting guns and hanging out with dogs and anticipating the bomb/race revolution.

And then there are a few scenes in Mad Men where Pete Campbell frets about the possibility of imminent destruction.

It's easy to dismiss the seemingly unfounded paranoia of the folks of yore. Or maybe we just barely missed the bomb, nuclear holocaust, etc. Either way, reading about drought/crop failures in Russia in today's Times scared the shit out of me.

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On Why We Must Allow Gay Space Aliens To Marry Same-Sex Robots

"Later Bulges!"

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