On Meet The Awl

I'm not sure that we can muster up the appropriate pre-crash level of optimism here. But, for the greater good of the Western English-speaking Awl-commenting world, we will do our utmost.

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On The Dumb Things We Do On Social Media And How To Try To Not Do Them (Good Luck With That)

The American Journal of No Fucking Shit has just made my day. Thank you Balk.

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On In Praise Of Editors, Or In This Case, Editor

Thank you, Carrie. What a talent you have for finishing the rough seams and transforming the wholesale cloth into dazzling couture.

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On How Should We Pronounce That Name, 'New York Times' Obituary Writer Margalit Fox?

Yes, but how do we pronounce "Margalit"?

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On The 17 Best Failed TV Shows Of The 80s (As Judged By Their Openings)

Will now obsessively watch the "Paper Dolls" and "Jennifer Slept Here" themes all day.

Also, just a friendly suggestion: have you considered using something like tubeclip to select only the portion of the video you want us to see? That way we don't have to scroll 8 minutes into a 9-minute video.

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On New York City, November 5, 2012

These are just beautiful, Tom.

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On Paying Back Your Friends: A Conversation

@Bridget Callahan I'm a Mike, and two weeks ago I went to a convention that had SIX DOLLAR ATM CHARGES with a friend (not even counting the $2.50 your own bank dings you).

My friend sometimes pays his bills late (often, actually) and eats out whenever he feels like it. I count pennies compulsively and have paid an ATM fee maybe twice in my life.

He withdrew 2x the cash while I ranted about how we should leave and handed me half. I repaid him + $3. Sad day.

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On Quit Your Job Today

Oh believe me, I'm more than set to quit this unemployment gig. I mean, as tempting as the "work" at home environment was, in actuality I'm my own worst boss. Although I don't envy Celestine V - Jesus is just too unpredictable a CEO.

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On The Year, In Order

@jolie March is way the fuck too long, way the fuck too cold, and has not nearly enough holidays (sometimes none!).

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On Millennial Internet Writer Gets Coffee

Gotcha! Maybe because I too have a MA and work for the Siren. Sigh. Scary joke, the Awl. Don't do that to me (often).

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