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On The Weirdest Marriage Equality Signs On the Internet

#KONY 2012

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On James Taylor Is 65

Steamroller baby.

starts at 1:50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1ThBggr4Ic

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On Don't Stop Running

You're my favorite, Cord.

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On Some Plutocrats Are Being "Classy" About Obama's Second Term

From ashy to classy.


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On 50 Shades Of “Argh”

@hockeymom A terrible book, yes. But the curiosity (and all her friends incessantly chatting) got the best of my wife and although she laughs at the prose and scoffs at the overall theme (she's an English prof) she can't deny the steaminess and desire it creates with middle-aged, mostly married women.
We have a perfectly healthy sex life and have no reservations about pleasing e/o but simply reading this crap before bed has made her friskier than ever. I really can't complain.

Sorry if this crosses the barrier of awl commentating etiquette.

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On 50 Shades Of “Argh”

@DoctorDisaster ME TOO!

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On 'Snow White and the Huntsman': Are Fake Little People Just Blackface?

@jfruh Agree. SW & Huntsman trailer has had me thinking about that film for months now. I think studios are uber aware of the internet buzz needed to create a blockbuster and are putting more and more emphasis on giving us kick-ass, thrilling 3 min trailers and maybe that's taking time away from them focusing on giving us 2 hour kick-ass thrilling movies. Maybe.
Hopefully Dark Knight Rises is an exception.

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On In Fabrication Uproars, At Least Everyone Agrees David Sedaris Is a Liar

@KenWheaton slightly

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On I Am the World's Worst Sperm Donor

Maybe Ken will read this sad piece and hire you back out of pity.

Well done, by the way.

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On Why Will Leitch Burned All His Baseball Cards: A Q&A

When I was about 12-13 my younger bro (only by 19 months) and I gathered all of our figurines (ninja turtles, GI joes, etc) and put them on a makeshift raft (tobacco sticks weaved together with bailing twine....I also grew up on a farm) and sent them down the creek that ran behind our house. We waited until after a decent rain so the flow would carry them easily. We chased after the raft, navigating through the woods following this life raft of memories that was sure to make its way to the Gulf of Mexico eventually. It picked up pace when the stream got thinner and faster and we eventually lost sight of it before it crossed onto the neighbor's property (that we were frequently told to never encroach due to his affinity for drinking and shooting his rifles at trees).

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