On We Chased Another Woman Off Twitter, Good Job Everyone

not having a twitter is like having a superpower

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On Cover Stories

god I hate that cover. Gay people as harmless Muppets is so in the wheelhouse of America's bourgie square liberals.

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On Rape in the Time of Fandom

Very insightful. I'll just add: I think the reflexive tendency to react to this situations by coming up with reasons why sexual assault is natural to these groups is a mistake. So many people saying some version of "well of course alt-lit is full of rapists, because if you look at their style" etc etc. This to me is exactly the wrong way to look at it. The right way to look at it is that sexual violence, while mercifully restricted to a small minority of people even under the highest estimates, is found in all cultures and groups. And as you suggest, the problem is not specific cultures but the inequality in power that is endemic to human hierarchies. So we need to start to address the ubiquitous reality of unequal power rather than play whack-a-mole with these subcultures.

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On Inherent Vice, Awkward Mood

Can't wait!

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On Publishing's Best Worst Friends

to enjoy reading is to always feel literally one million books behind

this impulse can be defeated with practice, I think

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On The Internet Has a Problem(atic)

an explainer worthy of the masters

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On Facebook Reveals the Future of All Media

I giggled all through this, but it was, like, a sad giggling.

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On 'The Wire' and the Realism Canard

yeah, if there's one piece of pop culture that isn't celebrated enough, it's the Wire.

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On Um, Is Your Facebook About To Get Less Dumb? Wow.

Topic always makes me think of that bit Zizek does where he points out that the authoritarian father is actually better than the one who acts like a abuddy; they both are going to end up telling the kid what to do, but the pretense that he's not makes the "nice" father worse. Same sort of thing with Facebook. I'd love it if this shit got off of my feed forever, but these little announcements just goes to remind the people who make the stuff that gets shared on Facebook who they really work for.

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On Andrea Dworkin, Men's Rights Advocate

@Choire Sicha you too!

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