I'm the guy who calls out "Natalie!" on the 10,000 Maniacs 'MTV Unplugged Album'

On Our State Of The Union

Every time I see Pete Souza's Instagrams of the Oval Office I get serious doubts about the US government's taste levels. I mean, the beige microfiber couch, and that coffee table? Is that linoleum?

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On An Oral History Of Gawker, By Reddit

I can't tell if anybody here actually has any specific knowledge about Gawker. For the record, a lot of that stuff from Reddit is false. Gawker was established as a 'gossip' website focusing on New York City but as the website matured they've begun to engage in more 'serious' journalism and are now generally considered to be a legitimate media outlet. Examples of 'scoops' and activism in recent years include Gawker's exposure of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as a crack addict, as well as the website's Balkan edition playing a central role in Moldova's 'Silent Spring' movement.

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On The Other Person Is You

All aboard the Express Kundalini

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On The Entire History Of Human Communication Culminates In This Moment

I've spent a bit of time on the Fuck You And Die forums.
Not a place for the thin-skinned.

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On After 650,000 Page Views, CNN Decides Atheist Mom Is Okay After All

Texas Mom discovered a child-rearing secret that has angered thousands

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On Rockers, 29 Different Kinds

I was sure there was a Superchunk song called 'She's An Indie Rocker' and was sure it'd be on The List. Turns out I was actually remembering this Archers of Loaf song:
which iirc was (rumoured to be?) *about* Laura from Superchunk

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On Santigold, "Girls"


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On A Complete History Of Gerbiling So Far

I think the rumours will persist because people want to believe. They need to believe.

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On Defending Manhattan From America: Pete Wells and Guy Fieri

Does it make any difference to the 'classist' attack that (I was curious and Googled for it) the NY Post also gave this place a terrible, zero star review?

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On A Review of "Binders Full of Women" Instant Websites

Sure maybe it's a little spoiled by now, but the Binders Full Of Women moment is a moment I'll never forget: millions of people in unison all saying/tweeting/blogging "binders full of women?!" with absolute incredulity and delight.

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