On Sarah Palin's "Planet Earth" and the End Times

My own extended family was soaked in precisely the kind of fundamentalist, evangelical, semi-Pentacostalist attitudes of which Ms. Newton speaks here. She is absolutely correct in the greater part of her analysis. I would only quibble with two points:It's also (thanks to her ghostwriter) a canny exercise in dog whistle politics, a narrative intended to electrify her base while benignly appealing to the broadest possible audience.: Not having read the book (due to an agreement with my doctor concerning my blood pressure) I cannot speak directly to the benign appeal, but I would point out that the phrases Ms. Newton calls to our attention are so thoroughly incorporated into common usage within this group that it may well be impossible to eliminate, translate, or suppress them.Ms. Newton quotes Rod Dreher' citation of an expert's evaluation that "between 50 and 60 million American evangelicals" are looking to the thorough ingathering of Jews to Israel to signal the much-desired End times. (She skips over the part that explains Evangelical support for Israeli settlements in Jerusalem, a portion of the conservative Israeli insistance that Jerusalem shall become the capitol of Israel: Not until Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel can the Temple be rebuilt. And not until the Temple is rebuilt can the End Times begin.) 50 million people is over 16% of our current population. 60 million is nearly 20%. This is a sizable proportion of your neighbors, and is a lower segment of the larger group who merely await the End Times rather than attempt to provoke them.She is telling the truth, and she is underplaying the impact. Pay attention.

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